The Mighty Mighty Beowulf's website has now grown to the point where his antics occupy more than a single deranged webpage.  So, this is his "home" and you can follow his career from here.

But first, we must...


Contrary to what seems to be popular conception, I, Jackie Arns, do not actually OWN Beowulf.  He belongs to the CEFOMAC Syndicate.  I merely chronical his adventures here, and, at the moment, I do happen to have his little noggin in my apartment.

Besides, can a Free Spirit such as Beowulf truly be Owned?

On to The Good Stuff.

The Beowulf Story-Learn how a decapitated horse head proved you don't need a body to be at NAN

IT'S A BOY!-Beowulf is a Dad.  Check out the baby album!

NESE 2K-Beowulf's latest triumphs in live showing-New England Spring Expo April 2000

On The Road-Beowulf's tour schedule

Other Live show appearances-Beowulf photos from various shows

The Beowulf Gallery. Photos with Fans, Celebrities, and Rarities!

Yes, finally, the Unthinkable has happened! All the limited edition Beowulf casting information you can stand!

Can't get enough Beowulf? See the International MultiMedia Superstar any time on the "Not Just Plastic Horses" video and DVD! Think of how you can alarm your friends!


Beowulf loves fan mail.  He even writes back.

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