Model Horses?

No, I do not pose with horses.  I collect model horses as a hobby.  Its something I've been doing for over 20 years now, scary as that thought is.  Those of us who collect model horses generally refer to the pasttime as "The Hobby."

"Model horses" are horse figurines made of plastic, china, or resin.  Collectors have various collecting collect older and rare models by a particular manufacturer, or to collect specific breeds, for example.  One thing that sets model horse collecting apart from other collectible hobbies is the customizing aspect.  It is perfectly OK to take an out of the box horse (refered to as "original finish") and repaint it, or give it a hair mane and tail, or even heat it up and compeltely resculpt it.  

We also periodically gather to show off our horses.  Model horse shows attempt to recreate real horse show settings in miniature.  There are even performance classes (something I am a huge fan of) where models are set up in diorama type settings complete with minitaure tack, carts, jump, livestock, etc.

There are plenty of sites on the web with information for novices entering The Hobby.  Some of them can be found on the links page.  This site will mostly focus on my own personal collection and my customizing attempts.  Enjoy!

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