Membrus quondam, membrus semper.  Revinias!

So, what the heck is CEFOMAC anyway?

"CEFOMAC" (say it SEE-fo-mac) is a name given to a collection of Central NY model horse collectors. CEFOMAC was at one time also the only (as far as we know) the only officially university sanctioned model horse club in the country.  Yes, several of us were Cornell students and when we discovered that student organizations could use university property (in other words, potential live show sites!) for free, we pretty much were down at the student activities office just as fast as we could fill out the paperwork.

OK, so who the heck makes up CEFOMAC?

To become a full blooded member of CEFOMAC you have to either 1) attend Cornell either as a student, or as some kind of staff member or 2) live in the general area and make it to our meetings somewhat regularly.  The joy of being a full blooded CEFOMAC member is that membership is permenant...if you leave the area, you still get to keep your red T-shirt!

You can also become a blooded member by passing whatever torture test we devise.  We don't do this very often.  In fact, so far, we've done it only twice.

At the moment, blooded CEFOMAC members are (alphabetically) Jackie Arns, Jen Barnas, Elaine Boardway, Pauline Entin, Leslie Phelps, Danielle Plourde, Steph Robson and Skye Sciolto.  And oh yeah, Rob "Cabana Boy" Harris.  Both Skye and Rob entered under the Torture Test Rules.

There's also the CEFOMAC Appendix, but I don't really recall all the rules.

What does CEFOMAC do, exactly?

Well, lots of stuff.

We hold a live show in Ithaca NY called Heart of the Finger Lakes Live.  Sadly, due to personal and scheduling conflicts, HOFL was not held after 1998. You can follow the links below for pictures from past HOFLs.

We help each other working on customized horses, tack making, and prop building.  We're all very rabid performance showers and take a team approach to showing...in other words, I may own the perfect horse for X event, but Leslie came up with the idea and Danielle had the dolls and the tack, and, well, you get the picture.

Make sure you check out Beowulf's page for a really really good example of this team approach.

What the heck does CEFOMAC stand for?

Well...CEFOMAC stands for team playing, sportsmanship in the face of poor judging, hardcore performance showing (with special effects!) and, above all, keeping a sense of humor.  They're just plastic horses, people!

And yeah, I know what you really mean.  CEFOMAC stands for Collectors, Enthusiasts, and Fanciers Of Models At Cornell.

Our slogan translates to "Once a member, always a member.  You'll be back."  

Our Live Show Mantra is "Its just a model horse show.  Next week, no one will care about the results!"


Well, you just can't run a web page without 'em, right?

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