Thanks Everybody!

I know, I're looking for the last round of pictures from the RunningWith Scissors Tour...I promise, they are here, but first I wanted to takea second and just say thanks to everyone for what a blast I've had in thepast year.

I decided to go to my first show in August 1999 on an utter whim...and Iwent to my second show because I was going to be in the area ANYWAY...andI had no idea at that time that a year later I'd have hit another 20 concertsand sort of be one of the "regulars."

Much thanks to Al, Jon, Steve, Jim, and Ruben first off for spending so muchtime on the road and providing a highly entertaining show...and for beingso darn nice to their fans.  These guys are under no obligation to minglewith fans before and after shows, and yet they continue to do so.

Thanks also to my concert buddies, in particular Sue Keheller, David Rossi,and Lynn all the other people I've met on the way...Adrianand Anne, Christina, Tery and Tonya, Diva, the Yellin family, Amy and Taralyn,Richard, Laurie, Shelley, Allison, Angela, Denise, Beth, Todd, Matt, Fred,Heather, and I'm sure I'm forgetting isn't intentional.  Andwhile I won't be seeing most of you on the road anymore, the end of the tourdoesn't mean that friendships made have to end as well.

See you all out by the bus on the next tour?