The challenge was on.  Beowulf in 5 different performance classes back to thrill and amuse participants at the 2000 New England Spring Expo (NESE.)  Our personal goals: avoiding the use of the "horse submerged in water/quicksand or being devoured" as much as possible and getting Beowulf into a harness class.  Hey, if we can get a jumping model to win an overall performance grand over "more versatile" models and put a pacer into a serious run for a versatility award, why not a horse head in harness?  Just cause it hasn't been done doesn't mean it can't be...

Tragedy struck on April 5th when Beowulf was needed for a final curb chain fitting.  He was missing from his spot on the coffee table.  A brief search found him under the couch, an apparent victim of a cat attack.  He suffered from a large missing chip of epoxy and paint from his right throat area.

After a momentary panic, before realizing that "Live Show Quality" and Beowulf had actually parted company long since, his injury was repaired with some gesso and a quick repaint to the affected area, though he still bears the scars from his ordeal.

Enough drivel.  We all know why you're here.

You want to see the pictures.



Bringing home, well...we're not sure who or what he's bringing home cause he's doing it in a blinding snowstorm.  Judge's comment on this: Incomplete harness.  The incomplete horse didn't seem to be a factor.

A close up of his head.  Its there someplace.  He does look smashing in harness.

A spectacular sliding stop in an arena desperately in need of watering down.  Points were lost because of Beowulf's braided forelock, so next time he'll be doing FREESTYLE reining!

An Unfortunate Day Foxhunting as someone learns the meaning of "'WARE BRANCH!" the hard way.  Beowulf's Body making a rare cameo.

*sigh* I hate it when this happens.

My favorite shot of the bunch.  Notice the gore.

Beowulf, a trakehner stallion, in Arabian Costume.  See, no one told him you had to BE an Arabian, he figured just posing as an Arab "Most Classic Head" entry was OK.

Oooooo isn't he TYPEY?  And gold lame is SO attractive on him!

And, in a somewhat serious entry, Beowulf getting his daily exercise by being swum in a pond.  This one earned him the Oh-So-Coveted pink qualification ticket to the 2000 and 2001 NAN.  

So keep an eye out for him in Lexington, KY in July 2001.  We have over a year to try and top Colic Surgery.

BEOWULF SEZ: Thanks for looking!  THANKS!

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*I think its pretty safe to say that Beowulf would be a big Austin Powers fan, if he had opinions on such things...