Welcome to the Beowulf Gallery!

Here, you may browse from photos of Beowulf posing with fans and celebrities, as well as special mementos from Beowulf's Personal Collection.

Marquis poster for "Ocean's 12"

Origainly slated to star in this remake of the famous rat pack movie, Beowulf and George Clooney got into a drunken disagreement one night. Beowulf walked off the set in a huff, and cost the film millions in post production changes. Courtesy of Rob Harris

Fab Beowulf

Again, creative differences forced Beowulf down a different road, though one wonders what Ed Sullivan would have thought. Courtesy of Rob Harris

Beowulf and Jimmy Fallon

Seriously. Beowulf hanging with SNL's Fallon after a "Weird Al" Yankovic show in Poughkeepsie NY, 2003. Mr. Fallon's answer to the question "Will you pose with my horse?" "Um, OK. This is kinda weird, isn't it?" Sorry for the blur--my flash failed me. We're working on a meeting between the Big B and Mr. Yankovic.

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