My Customizing Work

I am much more of a painter than a customizer actually (although this does not stop me from embarking on long involved projects...) and the majority of my work is done for my personal show string.  I have done a VERY few pieces for friends, and there was one horse available by auction at JAHS 2000. I also work VERY VERY SLOWLY, which is part of the reason I do not take custom orders at this time.  

Anyway.  I have decided to group horses by name for the moment, since there aren't a slew of them.  There are pictures of both sides of each model, and a description and whatnot, so enjoy.  These are listed in roughly chronological order.

I work in oils unless otherwise noted.  I use Carol William's wonderful book "Color Formulas and Techniques for the Model Horse Artist" for information and color formulas.  I highly recommend this book if you've never painted anything before.  Although it does mainly discuss using oils, stuff in this book can be adapted to arcrylics.

Psuedolous-"Vigil" resincast in bay

Akasha-Hartland "Lady Jewel" in dapple gray

Coloboma-Hartland "Jade" in foal coat red chestnut

Holland Daze-Pour Horse "Saucy" in Belgian blonde

Stuart-Black Horse Ranch "Companion" in bay

Chatham Challenge-Animal Artistry mini TWH in a funky flaxen chestnut

Not Impressed-Black Horse Ranch weanling in palimino

Polka Parr T-Black Horse Ranch reiner in bay

Miracle Max-"Showman" resin cast in dark bay minimal tobiano

The Lone Gunman-"Infinity" resincast in chestnut sabino

Rocky Racoon-"Bolero" resincast in chestnut tobiano

Ghandi-Franklin Mint "Extended Trot" Lippizanner in bay tobiano

Alapalooza-"Okie Rio" resincast in buckskin

In progress-no pictures at the moment, AA mini rearing shire, an AA mini Dartmoor, Parr's Dream Doll, Marshall, AA relaxing Arab mare, a china Lippizanner...and a couple others...