Ghandi (April 2000)

Small story on this horse...Howard Wisell and I were set to judge a little4-H show in Valatie, NY in January 2000.  I did all the performancestuff and Howard went antiquing for the morning.  After the show wasover, he brought me back to this one little place he'd found to show me 4bisque china horses on bases.  They were part of a set of 6 pieces sculptedby Pamela du Bolay and were supposed to represent Lipizanners.  We couldn'tafford to buy all 4, so I settled on the Levade piece and Howard bought thisone, the Extended Trot.

Howard had been sorta asking me to paint a horse for him since last spring(he likes my Clydesdale Stuart,) and I had been sorta asking about apre-production Stone "Kenny Rogers" stock horse Howard was trying to sellthat day, so Howard offered to trade the Stone horse for a paint job on thechina.  So, I agreed and here's the horse.

His name is Ghandi because Howard discovered I am a trivia buff, and he attemptedto stump me with a question about the movie "Ghandi."  

My first Real Tobiano!  Unfortuantely, the pics don't really show hiscolor well.