Pseudolous (Spring 1995)

This is a resin cast by Karen Gerhardt called "Vigil."  This was thesecond resin Karen offered, and I think it was the last one to be offeredunpainted as well.  I agonized about purchasing this horse after beingselected in the lottery held for pieces.  I think this horse is oneof 5 unpainted copies of the run.  He was my first really serious attemptin oils, and was done after reading the Carol Williams book.

What you see here is actually his second paint job (although colorwise itis identical to the first.)  Since Psuedo is an early resin, he hailsfrom the days before hollowcasting and aluminum reinforced legs, and hasa tendency to fall over.  He has broken his left ear more times thanI can recall.  For a while, it just wasn't a show unless he broke hisear at some point.  As a result, it was no longer fun to take him toshows, so he now has a place of honor on my shelf.  He may get repaintedAGAIN someday, as his shading now makes me cringe, but we'll see.