Miracle Max (Fall 1999)

While at Breyerfest in 1999, I stumbled across Kathi Bogucki's room and struckup a conversation with her.  Kathi had sculpted a marvelous warmbloodgelding called Showman about a year earlier, and I had purchased a copy almostsight unseen and had it shipped to Laurie Jo Jensen so she could turn himinto an appaloosa sport horse.  Kathi mentioned that she had a box ofcheapo Showman bodies with various problems, and I found this one while diggingthrough.  His resin was a little discolored, but otherwise he was OK. I picked out his color on the way home and he was ready for his firstshow 3 months later (very quick work for me!)

He is a sorta portriat of a stallion named Rainbeau.