Model Horse Links!

This is by no means an all exhaustive list of all the model horse links out there on the web.  There are zillions. There are several Model Horse Webrings.  What can I say...there's a tendency for the plastic horse fancier to also be a techno-geek.  

Anyway, these are my favorites, or the ones I feel are important enough to be on my own little hot list, so I hope you enjoy 'em.

Black Horse Ranch makes a line of resin horses as well.  Personally, I'm not crazy about these as OFs, but they are quick to prep for repainting.  I've done this a couple can see 'em on my personal horse page.

Nancy Young wrote the Breyer Bible.  Buy it if only to enjoy her deadpan sense of humor.

And hey, BREYER finally has a website!  Go drool now!

Pour Horse creates their own line of wonderful ceramic horses.

The Peter Stone Company carries a line of plastic horses similar to Breyers.

The Model Horse Gallery is a virtual museum of hundreds of models...OF, on-line portfolios of many hobby'll want to bookmark this one.  Lots and lots of pictures.

Model Horse Web is a good place for general hobby info.

Carrie Sapp's Model Horse Link page is pretty much the ultimate listing of hobby web pages.  Another good one to bookmark.

NAMHSA is the hobby's live show organization.  Its chief function is to organize and run the North American National live show, the largest and most prestigious show in the country.

If you're into Pedigree Assignment, IPABRA is the place to go.

Rio Rondo gets a substantial portion of my take home pay.  Check them out for all sorts of nifty tack-making supplies and get yourself a copy of Color Formulas and Techniques for the Model Horse Artist!

Timaru Star II is an on-line portfolio of Sue Bensema-Young's tack making talent.

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