So, I imagine that by now you're wondering exactly what the heck the term "Random Performance" means.  The Random Performance Challenge is a game played annually at Heart of The Finger Lakes Live (HOFL).  It was born during an afternoon of dremeling Breyers and playing with Martin Carbone
epoxy in Ithaca NY.  Leslie, Steph and I spent some discussion on how various "inappropriate" Breyer models could be used in performance classes.  The main example was the Grazing Mare, and we did come up with a couple of viable situations where one might have a grazing horse (or one with its head down) in a performance situation.  And someday, by God, I will recreate this Top Secret set up.

But, CEFOMAC, being what we are, took the concept further and further and suddenly it seemed VERY reasonable to offer showers coming to the inaugural HOFL a chance to flex their creative muscles by offering an extra class in which exhibitors would be given a "performance challenged" model and given a few hours to show how it could really be shown in performance.

Thus was the Random Performance Challenge released screaming unto the hobby.

The game is played with a new variant each year.  The second RPC had players using their own horses set up in a scene that had to include a "random object" drawn from a hat.  The 1997 HOFL went back to using the randomly selected models AND a random object.  In 1998 players again used their own horses but were subjected to "The Random Performance Challenge--The Musical!" in which they attempted to get the judges to guess a song title.  I personally would love to see "Random Performance Challenge Goes to the Movies," as I am dying to recreate key scenes from "Titanic" ala model horse.

CEFOMAC welcomes other shows to use the idea.  So far, Salt City Sizzler and The Nutmeg Classic have offered their own versions of the Challenge.  It certainly keeps the day fun!

After a thorough perusal of my photo albums, it seems I don't have ANY pictures of RPC entries.  I have no idea how this happened.  If you attended any of the HOFL shows and have RPC pictures, please please please email me and maybe we can work something out...?

Eventually, there will be pictures here!