Regional Tag Program


This program was created by a group of Regional showers and showholders and outlines a regional show tag system. Use of this system would be VOLUNTARY for showholders. Larry Nichols has volunteered to maintain an Exhibitor Number database. Most of the live model shows in this region have agreed to use a standard system for tagging your model horses. 

A standard system does several things:

It provides universal, uniform information for judges

It saves time and effort on the part of the shower and show holder

It is an easy tracking system for your horse

Once you have made and attached tags to your horses, you can keep them tagged for the entire season, unless you attend a show in another region, or a show not using the system

It is up to each show holder if they are going to use the system. If they are using the Regional Tag Program, this will be noted in their showpacket. Shows using the Program are noted on the Regional Calendar in bold type.

Creating tags:

You will be responsible for creating your own tags. The tags may be hand written or typed, but must be clearly written and easy to read. You should use tags that are about 1 34" to 1 3/32" in size, these are Avery tags # 12204, white and stringed. Tags like this can be found at office supply stores such as Staples, Office Max and Office Depot. They can also be ordered online here:

The information on the tags should include the following:

On the front of the tag you will have

Horses Breed, gender, OF or CM (Original Finish or Custom), and age (optional) and your horses ID number.

The ID number will include your 3 digit exhibitor number (123) and the 3 digit number you issue to your horse (003) and should be larger then the other information on the tag. It would look like this: 123-003

On the back of the tag you will put the horses name, your name and address (optional).

When you enter a show, you MUST make a list of your horses and their numbers. This list MUST be turned into the showholder. The showholder will tell you in the showpacket when this list needs to be submitted (with entry fee, morning of the show, before the end of the day, etc. We recommend showholders require lists to be turned in either with the entry fee, or the morning of the show) The showholder is responsible for creating a list of results for each show, and that list needs to include the name of the horse and owner, therefore, it is imperative that your list of horses and numbers be submitted. You may not be allowed to show without turning in this list!

This list is extremely important for the show holder to have. Many will be using the numbers only on the judges cards and need your list to do the find and replace function to create the results for the show.  If you do not turn in your horse list, you may not be allowed to show.


How do I get an Exhibitor Number?

Getting  an exhibitor number is very easy. You simply need to e-mail or telephone the person who is "keeper of the numbers" and you will be issued your own exhibitor number, and can ask any questions you may have about your tags. To get your number email or phone Larry Nichols at  or 518-793-2729. In your e-mail simply put your name and e-mail address and request a region 10 Exhibitor number.

What if I forget my number?

Fear not!You can look your number up right here.

Recommended entry form for showers using the tag system

Other tag tips:

When doing the results for NEMHC found it EXTREMELY difficult when the numbers were not in order AND horses were given the same number. Make that even more difficult when the breed isn't listed next to the horse, i.e. Both Brownie and Blackie are #000 - 001 and that number pinned in both App & QH. Who is who???

One easy way to keep track of your horses is to make up a simple data base. You do not need to have a computer to do this. Just make up a chart and list your horses, their breeds, (I like to put down the model, too...with 26+ Stone ponies alone, I want to remember which pony is which), and lastly assign each horse a number. Make up a tag for each horse and keep the tag on the horse. If you lose the tag, you can refer back to your list and make a new tag with the info on the chart. It's very simple.

It is very easy to put your horses in numerical order. Highlight your whole
table (not your heading line), Click on Table, Click on Sort and then adjust
boxes as needed column-number-descending. It will rearrange your whole
chart to be in numerical order.


How to do a Search and Replace on MS Word for Showholders using the Tag Program