The Region 10 Raffle

The FIRST Region 10 Raffle went off so well, we're doing it AGAIN!

In order to help support the Region 10 Show and Sales Room in Lexington KY this year, we are holding a raffle for several nice example of Region 10 artists work. More information about the Region 10 Show and Sales Room can be found here.

In quick summary though, we have rented a room at the Holiday Inn from Tuesday-Sunday for NAN and Bryerfest. The intention for this room is to serve as a place for people from Region 10 who only bring a couple horses for sale to be able to sell their stuff without being tied to their hotel room, or the Swap Meet room. Participants will have to take a shift manning the room, but right now we are anticipating 2 hours per person. Please see the show room page for full details.

Anyway, the hotel room is going to cost about $1000 by itself, plus we have a few other little plans in the works as well. To help keep the cost for participating in the sales room reasonable, several area artists have offered some very nice donations that we've elected to raffle off. Why a raffle? Well, *everyone* has a buck or 2 that they would not mind trading in for a chance on a nice custom, or OF, or tack, so it seemed like we could sell more raffle ticketts then raise money via an auction.

All Raffle items will be pulled at midnight on the aturday night of Breyerfest. You DO NOT need to be present to win. Tickets may be purchased on line or through the mail. If you're at a Region 10 show, be on the lookout for the items themselves!

Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5


Glad you asked! You can buy tickets at many Region 10 shows where we'll have items on display plus we'll have all these things at Breyerfest. Can't get to a show? Heck, buy a ticket via email from Danielle Miller or Elaine Boardway.


So far we've been offered:

Another jump by Robin Briscoe

More tack from Darleen Stoddard

A "Lakota Sue" resinfrom Ann Harris and painted a lovely bay tobiano by Jen Al-Beik

An etched custom by Lindy Pinkham

A chestnut HR "Amir" from Howard Wisell

A TBA unpainted mini resin by Carlee Balling

Watch for more information as we get it!