MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of the Region 10 Sales Room is to promote the
model horse hobby in NAMHSA Region 10. Residents of Region 10 are invited to
consign items for sale. Also, regional model horse information will be

PRICE: $20 for each 1 ft by 3 ft shelf PLUS seller works one 2-hour shift.

CONSIGNOR ELIGIBILITY: Since this a Region 10 sales room, only residents of
Region 10 (NY, ME, MA, CT, RI, VT, NH) may consign.

HOURS: Providing all time slots are filled, 6 p.m. to midnight Tuesday
through Saturday (and by chance).

PRICING ITEMS: Every seller is responsible for having the price and the item
number clearly marked on a sales tag. Sellers may change prices during the
sale, but a price change form must be filled out.

ITEM NUMBERS: Each seller will be assigned a seller number. Every item will
be assigned a letter (A through O). For example: the fifth item seller 3 has
will be 3E.

CONSIGNMENT SHEETS: Each seller will fill out a consignment sheet listing
seller number (assigned by staff), item letter, description, and price. A
sample description would be: "Utopia resin painted by Sarah M." or "OF El
Pastor MIB."

CONSIGNING IN AND OUT: If you are interested in consigning, please provide
Elaine Boardway ( with your arrival and departure
date and times in KY. Indicate if there are any evenings you CANNOT work.
Plan on leaving your items through Saturday. When you check out fo the
Region 10 Room, you will get any money owed for items THEN and not before.
All your remaining items must be checked out at the same time.

LEGAL: Consign at your own risk. Region 10 room holders and the Holiday Inn
North will not be responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.


How much does it cost?

Each seller may consign one shelf's worth of items
for $20 plus a 2-hour shift in the room.

Why so much?

This rate is cheaper than a table at the swap meet and you can
leave your stuff there for several days. Now instead of being chained to
your sales stuff you are free to wander the halls of the HI (except for your
shift, of course).

My items aren't selling as well as I was hoping. May I change prices?

can fill out a price change form any time the room is open. You may only
change prices for your items.

What if I have worked out some kind of partial trade for an item I

You can fill a price change form and write TRADE for the new
price. Turn in the price tag to the room attendant with the price crossed
out. You are now free to remove your item from the Region 10 room to wheel
and deal as you see fit.

When do I get my money?

When you are ready to pack up ALL your items and
check out! Since Friday will most likely be your busiest night for sales,
please do not sign out before Saturday. Your consignment sheet will be
pulled, the items sold and unsold will be verified. Only then will your
total sales be tallied. You will sign your consignment form and then, if
anything sold, you get money!

I want to share a shelf with my friend. Can we do that?

As long as there is ONE name on the consignment sheet and one of you is working the room shift,
that will be considered ONE seller. However, whomever has their name on the
consignment sheet is the ONLY person allowed to change prices and check out
items at the end of the sale. It is up to you to decide what belongs to who
when checking out.

I'm not consigning, but I'd love to help out. Can I do anything?


We can't offer you anything beyond pride in showing off the best damn region
out there! If anyone would like to work a shift, please contact Elaine
with your availability.


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