To be held November 6-7, 2004 at Holiday Inn Express, Schoharie, NY

Dianne Lievense and Laurie Lape are working on RXR this year.

As information is availble, it will be posted here. So far, this is what we know:

Region X Regionals Show Info

Thank you for requesting information about the Region X Regional show!

This show is a little different from the typical model horse show in that your horses must first qualify for the show. To qualify, your horse must have placed 1-5 in any class at any show held in New York or New England during 2003 and 2004. A horse only needs to qualify once per class to be counted, and horses are automatically counted. If you are receiving this packet, you have horses that have qualified. A list of those horses and the classes they qualified in is enclosed. A master list can also be found as an Excel document in the Files section of the Region 10 Yahoo group and on the Region 10 Webpage (

Qualified horses for 2003

The show will be held on November 1-2 in Sturbridge MA at Sturbridge Isle.

The classlist:

Class limits: If you have a horse qualified for a given class, you may show it in that class. If you have 5 horses qualified for OF Plastic Arab, for example, you may show all of them. You do not have a limit of how many horses you may bring, but bear in mind you are limited to half a banquet table. You may purchase the other half of your table for $???

How to read the Qualified Horses Key

First, find your name. Names are listed alphabetically by last name. Your horses are listed alphabetically beneath your name.

Please only show your horses in the classes they qualify in!

Column A is your horse's name

Column B is their Finish Category.

OF=OF Plastic model
OF FOAL=OF Plastic Foal model
CM=Customized/Artist Resin models
CM FOAL=Customized/Artist Resin Foal model
CR=OF China/Resin model
CR FOAL=OF China/Resin Foal model

Note that while there is no finish category for CM Glaze models, there are classes for them. Few shows in Region X have separate CM Glaze classes right now, so these horses are probably hidden in the CM or CM FOAL category. Please show any CM Glaze models that qualified in the CM Glaze classes!

Column C is Breed Category

If your horse qualified in a breed class, that class will be listed in Column C. If there is no breed listed, your horse did not qualify in a breed class.

Column D is Workmanship/Collectibility Category

W=Workmanship for custom models
OFP=OF Plastic models
OFCR=OF China/Resin models

If there is no letter designation in this column, your horse did not qualify for a workmanship/collectibility class.

If your horse qualified for both a breed and W/C class, he will be eligible to show in both sections of that class. In Halter classes, horses will be double judged, but only horses that qualified in breed will be judged in breed, and only horses that have qualified in workmanship or collectibility will be judged in those categories. If your horse qualified in both, he will be judged in both.

Performance Classes

In general, class letter codes that are separated by a dash indicate separate class qualifications in the same category. Class letter codes with a slash (such as H/J) indicate classes that combine more than one type of class under a single category.

Column E is Driving Class

If it says Open it means your horse qualified in a generic harness class. Please select one harness class for him to show in.

M = Marathon/Race
C =Cones/Dressage
Perf=Unspecified Harness "performance" please select one class from the Marathon/race/dressage/cones groupings.

Column F is Saddleseat Class

CEP=Country English Pleasure
SS=Saddle Seat
GtP=Gaited Performance

Given the disparity in which local shows treat this particular class, we are asking you to enter the saddle seat classes by this set of definitions:

Park: high action walk-trot-canter only, Arabs, Morgans, 3-Gaited ASB
Gaited Performance: high action other gaits, 5-Gaited ASB, big lick TWH
English/Country Pleasure: lower action walk-trot-canter, pleasure type
Arab, Morgan, ASB
Plantation Pleasure/Other Gaited: lower action other gaits, pleasure
Type TWH, Pasos

If you horse has qualified under more than one class, and can fit more than one definition, you may enter him in more than one class.

Column G is English Class

H/J=Hunter/Jumper-please select one class for your horse to enter
J/X=Jumper/Cross Country-please select one class for your horse to enter
H=Hunter over fences
X=Cross Country
P=Pleasure (please select appropriate breed type)

Column H is Western Class

R/C=Roping/Cutting-please select one class for your horse to enter
Stk=Stock horse class, please select one class (Roping, Cutting, Other Stock)
T=Trail, please select one class to enter
P=Pleasure, please select appropriate breed type

Column I is Costume Class

If it says "NS" this means your horse qualified in a generic costume class. Please only select one costume class from the Costume class division for him to enter.

A=Arabian Costume
Ind=Indian or Native American costume
P= Parade
Hist=Historical costume

Column J is Other Performance Classes

If it says "NS" it means your horse qualified in a generic Other Performance class (this category includes showmanship classes) Please select one class from the Other Performance category for him to enter.

A=Arena Showmanship
C=Creative Showmanship
S=Showmanship, not specified-please select one showmanship class to enter.
O=Other performance