To Qualify, horses must
have placed 1-5 at the
following shows in 2003:
Vassar College (1/)
NESE (4/26-27)
Derby Day (5/3)
NEHMC Halter (5/31)
Salt City (6/14)
Dog Days Minis 2 (8/16)
JAHS 4 (9/20)
NEMHC Performance (9/27)
NYPC (10/12)
BlueÕs (10/18)
NOTE-only 1-2 places
are recorded for Derby
Day in 2003
Horses Qualify once per
class per year
Shower name Finish Breed Collect/Work Harness Saddleseat English Western Costume Other
Al-Beik, Jen
Al-Dabaran CM W Arab C
Alexei CM Other Pure W
Alishaan OF Arab OFP Creative
Al-Sadiq OF CEP Arab
Al-Tair OF Part Arab
Altima CM WB W
Amira OF Arab OFP
Annabelle Lee OF OFP
Annike CM Draft W
Antarah OF Arab OFP Arab
Athena CM FOAL Sport W
Arecibo OF FOAL Stock OFP
Ari OF Arab OFP
Athena CM FOAL Sport W
Black Magic OF Morgan
Carinosa OF Spanish
Carismatico CM Spanish
Cause and Effect OF Paint OFP
Charisma OF UK Pony OFP
Conversano Alegra CM Spanish
Cool Valentine OF Other Pony OFP
Deco Raider OF WB
Desert Rose OF OFP
Devil in the Dark OF TB/StB
El Zahara OF Arab Creative
Eudora OF FOAL Stock
Event Horizon OF QH OFP
Fadjur OF Other Pony
Fuego Arbico CR OFC
Greystne Wahed CM Arab W
Gothic Revival OF Other Draft
Hadija OF Part Arab
Harlequin Jazz Man CM Gaited W
Hollywood Hannah CM QH W
Hollywood Nocturne CM Other Stock W
Horatio CM Other Sport W
Ibn Al-Khaaliq CM Arab W
I'm Impressed CM Sport W
Impressive Amber CM FOAL Stock W
Intuition OF FOAL OFP
Jemez Tsavo CM Pony W
Kennebec Royal Aire CM Morgan
Lohengrin CM WB W
Maddox OF QH OFP
Marcarena OF Spanish
Matador CM WB W
Matilda CM FOAL Draft/Exotic W
Merlin CM Other Pony W
Midnight Premonition OF ASB
Oberlin OF UK Draft
Obviously Impressive CM Paint W
Oscar Wilde CM Sport
Paint Me Impressive OF Paint
Pegi Soo CM Exotic W
Picasso CM Spanish W
Pierre CM Exotic W
Plato OF Exotic
Poco Dot OF App
Ravenclaw Ronin OF Draft
Roheryn CM UK Pony W
Sardar OF Other Pure OFP
See Biscuit Run OF TB/StB OFP
Sibelius CM W
Sierra OF FOAL Stock
Sihr CM Arab W Arab NS
Snitch OF FOAL Other OFP
St Elmo's Fire OF Morgan
Sueno Imposible OF Spanish
Swizzle CM Other pure W
The Governess CM Morgan W
Time Traveler CM TB/StB M
Valeris OF Arab
Vistoso CM Spanish W
Wachuset Titania OF FOAL Light
WBP Egyptian King's Gold Standa CM Other Pony
WBP Ivanhoe CM W
Winning Bid OF FOAL Other
WW Alfen CM Other Draft
WW Amber Twilight CM Other Gait W
WW American Beauty CM Other Pony
WW Chlo' CM FOAL Draft/Exotic W
WW Hermione CM W
WW Finlandia CM W
WW Jett Laag CM TB/StB
WW Kishore CM Other Pure W
WW Rush Hour CM Paint W
Zanzibar CM QH W
Ammon, Janette
Cocoa Butter CM W
Cor de la Broyere "Corry" CM WB
Esplendia CM W
Grand Larceny CM J-X
Romance OF Other P/C-O Arena
Savannah Wind CR OFC
SF First Impression CM Morgan W
Armitage, Danielle
DA Cricket OF StB
DA Liberty OF Pony
DA Trinity OF ASB
Kowabunga OF NS
October Sky OF G
Makin An Impression OF P
Show me the Blue OF P
Waltz Right In OF Paint OFP? O
Anshutz, Heather
Akasha ? P/C
Avalanche CM Half Arab W
Bally's Grand CM W
Barbary Coast CM Spanish W
Black Frost's Spell CM W
Berry Splash CM Paint W
Cobblestone CR Sport OFC
Cookies N Cream CR Pony OFC
Fool's Gold CM W
Gold Coast Trader CM QH W
Happiness CR TB/StB OFC
I'm Stepping Out CM WB W
Jade Reflections ? Open
Luxor CM W
Maharet CM W
Merlin's Mask CM FOAL Stock
Mirage CM W
October Storm CM W
Phantom Skye CM Morgan
Randver CM Spanish
Rohan CM Arab W
Spellbound ? J/X-H-P-O
Strawberry Swirl CM W
Valhalla Doc CM W
Valhalla Jet CM Exotic W
Arns, Jackie
Acetabula CR Draft
All Told CM TB W M-P-C T-H-P-X P Open
Beowulf CM C
Brilliant Disguise CM Other Sport
British Sterling CR Other Sport OFC
Centerfold CM WB W D
Chloe CR Pony OFC
Dothraki CR Exotic OFC
Eleanor Rigby OF FOAL Lt Foal OFP
Full Moon Fever OF QH
Harpo CM Other Sport W J-D-P
Hazy Hot and Humid OF Paint OFP
Heather CR Draft OFC
Hugh Hefner CM W
Ian CR Draft OFC
Innocent Man OF Other Spt OFP
Just Another Guy CM Paint W
Langley CM W
Miracle Max CM T-P
Opening Bid CR TB OFC
Particle Man CM TB W
Peter Parker CM App W P-O-T T-P A
Plug and Play CR TB OFC
Polka Bueno CM FOAL Stock W
Polka Parr T CM QH W M R-T-G-O
Public Inquiry OF App
Pyromania CM App W P
Siglavy Verona VII CM W
Soucoup Volante CM FOAL Sport W
Storm Warning CR QH OFC
The Lone Gunman CM J-X-D-O
Balling, Carlee
El Fuego OF OFP
Rio Ganges OF OFP
Banville, Denise
Grail CR Other Draft OFC
Gyp CR Mix OFC
High Prowlin Time CR USA Gait
Jotul CR OFC
Lilac CR FOAL Sport OFC
River Falls Fair Warning CR Other Sport OFC
Turkenden Swordance CR UK Pony
Bartlow, Vicki
Amber Rose CM ASB W P/C Open
Amici del Sol CM Spanish W
Anika CM UK Pony W
Arwyn Evenstar CM FOAL Light W
Austrian Rose CM Other Draft W
Brownie CR Morgan OFC
Bud CM Other Draft
Captain Nigel CM UK Pony W
Cephas CM W
Chalone ? Arab
Cinnamon CM FOAL Pony/Draft W
Cisco CM FOAL Exotic W
Claudia CM Other Pony W
Clemson CR Pony OFC
Count Basile CM W
Devlin CM Other Draft W
Dirty Vegas CM W T
Duke CM W
Duke's Flight CR USA Gait OFC
Duroc CM Other Pure W
Don Amici CM Spanish
Dyoll Caruso CM UK Pony
El Amigo CR Spanish OFC
Fresco CM Mix
Gabriel CR OFC
Gattica CM W Open
Gustav CM W T-P-O
Heike CM Other Pony W
Imhotep CM Arab W
Irish Patience CM W
Jailbird CR Exotic OFC
Jail House Rock CM App T-O-P
KCB Keepsake CM Morgan W
Keshan CR Arab OFC
Kestrel OF Open
Libretto Reflections CM Spanish W
Lord Abbett CM WB
Lorenzo CM Half Arab W
Mason Dixon OF OFP
Mauvdre ? Arab
Mystic Danza CM Paint W Open
Naughty Nazita CM FOAL Sport W
Nobel Fire CM TB W
Obediah CM FOAL Draft W
Ocie CM W
Pastry CM TB/StB W
Plato CM TB W
Polly CM Other Draft
Porscha CR QH OFC
Posh Spice CM FOAL Light
Rainbeau Blue CR OFC
Raincross Zharnine CM TB/StB W O G
Ratief CM UK Draft W
Redemption CM Half Arab W
Sambuca May CM Half Arab
Samson CM W
Sienna OF Mustang Open
Simone OF Other Pony OFP
Socrates CM TB W
Stu CM Exotic W
Tazor CM Morgan
Tess CM W
True Blue Winsom CM UK Pony W
White Zinfandel CR Arab OFC
Zeta CM W
Ziyadah CM Arab
Brandenburg, Nancy
Brandon CM W
City Lights August Haze OF UK Draft OFP
City Lights Bad Boy CR OFC
City Lights Bold and Brassy CM W
City Lights Bold and Saucy OF OFP
City Lights Captain OF FOAL Draft/Pony OFP
City Lights Patriot OF FOAL Other Draft? OFP
City Lights The Cat's Meow OF Mix OFP
City Lights Single and Sassy OF OFP
City Lights Snow King CR Other Draft OFC
City Lights Snow Knight CR UK Draft OFC
City Light Storm of the Century CM UK Draft W
City Lights Sweet and Low OF OFP
Color Me Grey OF OFP
Excaliber OF USA Gait OFP
Gold Nugget CM W
I Am The Show OF UK Draft OFP
Johnny Cash OF OFP
Just a Blaze OF Other Pure
Masquerade OF OFP
Miss Rocky Mountain OF OFP
Misty OF OFP
Mr Breyerfest OF OFP
Sir Lance A lot OF Exotic
Snow King CR Other Draft OFC
The Black OF OFP
Tony Bennet OF QH OFP
White Lightening OF OFP
Becker, Ann
Arenisca CR Light OFC
Ash Fork OF QH
Barbary Pirate CR Stock OFC
Baron OF Other
Berriano CR FOAL Light OFC
Black Storm OF Morgan OFP
Bud CR Draft
Champlain Spirit OF FOAL Other
Deepwoods Hits the Spot OF Other Pony
Excessive Detail OF UK Draft
Flurry OF Other Pony
Four on The Floor OF Other Foal
Gold Rush CR Stock
Just So OF TB/StB
Laertes CR Light OFC
Maestro OF Spanish
Merry Mazurka CR Other
Montrose OF Other Pony
Nashville Cat CR Other OFC
Pimento OF Other Lt
Purgaso OF QH
Sallie OF D/P foal
Shade of Maple CR Light OFC
Top Gallent CR Light
Wheeler OF D/P Foal
Becker, Sue
Pizarro OF Other Lt
First of Edgemere OF Other Lt OFP
Swirly OF UK Pony
Gunnison OF Other Pony
Wind River Snowdrift OF Paint
Expresso Bean OF App
Skylark OF App
Monte OF Mixed
Rigel Kentaurus OF OFP
Comparative Advantage OF OFP
Spinkles OF OFP
Soft Spot OF D/P Foal OFP
Penobscot Bay OF OFP
Top of mind OF Stk Foal
Offshore Breeze OF Stk Foal
Gallahad OF Spt Foal
Boardway, Elaine
Hazard Pay CM FOAL Sport W
Identity Crisis CM Indian
Okus Pocus CR FOAL Stock
Quinerious Cheapo OF D T-R/C- Creative
Salt City Sue CM W
Supreme Flea CM W
Bogdanwicz, Corinne
Delicatessen CR USA GAIT OFC
El Campeador OF OFP
Hope N Glory OF Paint OFP
Inolvidable OF Other Pure
Mr Wonderful OF WB
Orbital OF QH
Sea Croissant OF OFP
Shenanigens CM FOAL Sport
Speed Dial OF QH
Surprise Gift OF OFP
Brisco, Robin
Skaska OF Arab
Uproar OF C-PPF
Burgess, Michelle
Bell Bottom Blues OF Other Pony
Carlos CM W
Claira CR Exotic OFC
Elindil CR Draft OFC
Elissar OF OFP
El Nortiz OF OFP
Hanan OF Arab OFP
Hangorn Lass OF UK Pony
Larks Brough Lass OF OFP
Lilly CR Exotic
Lobella Bella OF OFP
John Chick CR Mix OFC
Mesa Cloud Dancer OF FOAL Stock
Mithran Drey OF WB
Picasso Skies OF FOAL Sport
Stargazer OF OFP
Two Bits OF OFP
Wallace OF UK Draft
Cabot, Kate
Adamsville Gemma CM FOAL Other W
Adamsville Jethro CM W
Azurina CM FOAL Sport W
Harlequin Dane CM W
Hy Tech Cinderella CM FOAL Light W
Hy Tech Henny Penny CM ASB W
Kheen Wasabi CM Arab
Lizzie Winsor CM TB/StB
Shorty CM P/D Mix W
Tony CM W
Zavier CM Exotic W
Campbell, Jessica
Ashley OF FOAL Light
Audrey OF FOAL Light
Beaou OF Morgan OFP
Champ OF Arab
Firefly OF ASB O
Flash OF Other Light
Glorious Galary CR Other Pure OFC
Houdini OF Arab
Jake OF Other Draft
Lonestar OF TB
Longneck OF Other Pure
Shimering Sparkle OF OFP
Spot OF Exotic
Spots 2nd OF Exotic
Spots in the Breeze OF T-P-R/C-
Windy OF Morgan
Conner, Delia
Aleu CM O
Andy's Girl CM Open R/C-P Open
Emma OF FOAL Other OFP
Mighty Moody CM CEP C/P
Navarone OF OFP R/C-P
Necessary Risk CR FOAL Stock OFC
Running Wolf Appitude OF CEP P C/P
Running Wolf Spotted Moose OF P
RW Majic Melody OF FOAL Other OFP
RW Magic Moment OF FOAL Pony
Switch Hitter OF FOAL OFP
Tell Joe OF H-T C/P
Windsweeper OF FOAL Other OFP
Cook, Kathy
Blue Note OF Mix Open
Brandywine OF Other pure OFP
Char's Littleman CR WB OFC
Chinchilla OF FOAL Stock
Dottie OF Exotic
Galway Warrior CR Draft
Goliath CR Other Pure OFC
Harry OF Exotic
Imperial Luck Lad OF UK Draft OFP
Jass It Up OF O
Jedlin OF FOAL Light
KC's Cedar Wixom Lady OF Open
KC's Golden Boy CR QH O
Majestad Vavra OF OFP
Mister White Madras OF Open
My Keepsake OF FOAL Stock OFP
Poco Lucky Jack CM QH Open
Radar Love OF Arab OFP
Rocky Sam Dakota CR USA Gait OFC
Royality Dream Cody OF H/J
Shining Penny Lendra CR Spanish OFC
Streak McTavish OF QH
Steel Magnolia CR Mix OFC
The Mighty Eagle OF FOAL OFP
Well To Do OF D
Creasey, Jerriann
Cutlass CM W
Lorina Lace Syrus CM FOAL Light W
Warrior's Code OF OFP
Crowell, Kim
Atlantic Bey OF Half Arab OFP
Bernard OF Other Sport
Drifting Cloud CR Other Pure OFC
Golden Roxy Sunshine CM Other Pure
Kellie's Chocolate Dilemma OF FOAL Stock
Missouri Ruby Soho OF USA Gait
Poco's Miracle Dun CM QH
Precipito Sandy Par OF OFP
Prince Charming OF Spanish
Pucker Up CR Mix OFC
Silky's Outta Tha Blue OF FOAL Light
SS Absolute Stunner OF OFP
SS Calling All Angels OF FOAL Sport
SS Kokomo CM QH W
SS Precipito Sandy Par 3 OF OFP
SS Snowflake Flurry OF FOAL Other OFP
SS Streak of Blue OF OFP
SS Thundercloud OF OFP
SS To the Extreme OF FOAL Sport
Tropical Trend CR FOAL Sport OFC
Dalpe, Liesl
De La Cruz OF Other
LD Beer Goggles CM W
LD Deloris CM CEP P-T
LD Fetzen Fliegen CM WB
LD Hot Wheels CM G
LD Jamakin' Me Dizzy CM QH W O
Kiss Me CM WB
LD Lafcadio CM ASB W P/G P/C
LD Major Expense CM App P-T-O-Re
LD Motions CM W
LD Sheza Rockin Charlie CM App W P-T
LD Skip the Scotch CM Other Pony
LD Snowcapped CM TB/StB
Spot OF App
Dean, Linda
WAV Apollo CR Other Stock OFC
WAV A Taste of Honey CR Morgan OFC
WAV Attic Treasure OF OFP
WAV Blue Roses CR OFC
WAV Bold Reflection OF Half Arab OFP
WAV Buck the System CM Morgan W
WAV Carbon Copy CR Other Sport OFC
WAV Cherry Bomb OF FOAL Sport
WAV Chester CR UK Pony OFC
WAV Clay Walker CR FOAL Stock OFC
WAV Cloud Nine OF OFP
WAV Dandelion OF QH
WAV Don Gaspar CR Spanish OFC
WAV Dune Runner CR Arab/part OFC
WAV Dust in the Wind CR Arab/part OFC
WAV Flyin High CM Other Pure W
WAV Fly Like a Bird OF OFP
WAV Free Falling OF Morgan
WAV Halcyon Days CR TB/StB OFC
WAV Higgins CM FOAL Draft W
WAV IC Spots CR Other Pony OFC
WAV Kahlua OF Other Pony OFP
WAV Longfellow CR UK Draft OFC
WAV Maid of the Mist CR OFC
WAV Maximum Overdrive CM R
WAV My Maria CR Other Pure OFC
WAV Pandora's Box OF OFP
WAV Passing Grade OF FOAL Pony OFP
WAV Queen of Memphis CR USA Gait OFC
WAV Savanah Sue CR Exotic OFC
WAV Special Delivery CR Mix OFC
WAV Turning Point CR WB OFC
WAV Wait N See CR Paint OFC
WAV Wishin & Hopin CM FOAL W
Denniston, Debbie
Adios Amigo OF Other Sport
Applesauce OF FOAL Pony OFP
Arabesque OF Creative
Black Dutchess OF M-C-Dr-P-O
Black Ice OF FOAL Draft/Exotic OFP
Cold Shoulder OF Other Stock
Devon OF UK Pony
East Cupcake Whipstitch OF FOAL Light
Finally OF OFP
Golden Gait OF OFP
Hot Lips OF Exotic
How do you like dem dapples OF P/D cross
Justin Boots OF Other pure
Justin Red OF D
Khalif OF Other Sport
Kipperooni OF OFP
Laramie Lass OF Other Pony
NF Spitfire OF FOAL Draft/Pony
Redundant OF R-C
Rime Scheme OF OFP
Rhapsody OF J-X-P-D-O-T-H
Sea Breeze OF OFP
Senor Justin OF Mix
Silver Frost OF WB
Special Edition OF FOAL OFP
Stonehenge OF Morgan OFP
The Saint OF Dr-M-P-O
Three Sheets to the Wind OF OFP
Topshelf OF FOAL OFP
Travelin Man OF C-R-G-T-Re-P
Winterdrawn OF FOAL OFP
Yorick OF OFP
Derench, Karen (KD)
LD Its an Addiction CM C-PPF CEP
Purmanent Fixture CM C
The Last Hurrah CR Pony
Derr, Amanda
All Eyes On Me CM W Arena
Boots OF FOAL Other
Glory OF FOAL Sport
Hersey OF FOAL Draft/Pony
Homecoming Queen CM FOAL Light W
Hurricane OF FOAL Other
Issabow CM W
Glitter CM Other Sport W
Knocke of a Locke CM App W
Lexus ? O-R/C
Nicky CM Mix
Puddin OF FOAL Draft/Pony OFP
Secretly Yours ? J/X-H-T-P-O
Skye OF FOAL Draft/Pony OFP
Tucker ? T-P
Tyler CM W
Derr, Ellen
Abels Sensation CM FOAL Stock
Chase CM Other Sport G
Cortez CM Half Arab W
Dun Paintin OF Paint
Fritter CM Exotic W
Jericho CM FOAL Draft/Pony W
Jezzy CM QH W
Jordan OF FOAL Light
Little Bit OF Stock W
Maggie CM W
Mardis Gras ? R/C
Nutmeg OF FOAL Light
Omega OF Half Arab OFP Arab
Power Stroke CM UK Draft W
Pumpkin OF FOAL Draft/Pony
Soldier Boy CM UK Draft
Sweet Pea CM W O-T-P
The Patriot CM W
The Rookie CM Paint W
Tinker OF USA Gait
Touch of Class CM Other Pony W
Desmarius, Linda
Black Ice OF G
Blackwind Fire OF FOAL Light
Bling Bling Baby OF O-D
Confetti Calamity OF T-P-G
Face the Music OF O-P T-P-G Open
Fantasecret OF T-H
Ghost Chaser OF OFP
Kiss My butt OF Other Pony
Meglomania OF OFP
Nonsense OF FOAL Stock
Pearlessence OF QH
Phoenix Rising OF J-G
Rubies And Pearls OF FOAL OFP
Silencia OF Other Pony
Strange Brew OF FOAL Pony
Whispering Sands OF QH
Wildheart OF OFP
Devine, Bobby
Ace's Maestro CM Morgan
Atlas ? Arena
Bryant's Captain ? P/C
Champagne Gambler CM ASB
Diamond Reo CM Other Draft
Elegant By Design CM Other Sport W
Grey Ghost OF OFP
Hard Won Treasure OF OFP
Heartbreaker CM Half Arab
Ispahan CM W
Jake ? Open
Jared CM Other Pure
Liam CM UK Pony W
Miss Delilah CM W
Music Box Dancer CM W
Mustang CM W
Nobiliario CM Spanish
Rannoch CM W
Robbi OF UK Draft
Rose of Lancashire CM UK Draft W
Saxony OF OFP
Sobrado CM Spanish W
Southwest Swing CM Other Sport W
Spark O My Heart OF UK Pony
Starfire OF UK Draft
Stormwatch CM Other Pony
Sun Wolf CM Spanish
the Jack CM Other Draft
Thistle Down Soldier CM W
Yankee Flyer CM Other Sport W
Donovan, Sara
Agent Eighty Six OF Arab OFP
Arbitrage OF App OFP
Artin OF G-P
Bella Rhiannon OF ASB OFP
Black Star Phantom OF OFP
Celest OF Other Draft OFP
Chivas Regal CR OFC
Copper Sunburst OF Mustang
Dusky Loriner OF WB OFP
Easton Amir CR Mix OFC
Fragmentary Blue CR OFC
Franklin Bay OF Half Arab OFP
Galois Legacy CR Draft
Grin N Bear It OF Re
Heir Apparent CR FOAL Draft OFC
Just By Chance OF J/X-H-T-P-D
Just the One CR Other Pony
Khafre OF Other Light OFP
Lazla CR OFC
Little Owen Way OF FOAL Draft OFP
Lucky Fellow OF FOAL Sport OFP
Max Factor OF App OFP
Merenne Prime OF QH OFP
Notorious CM App
One For Luck CR FOAL Stock OFC
Sasco Legend OF USA Gait OFP
Shenandoah Dazzler OF UK Draft OFP
Shenandoah Stella OF UK Draft OFP
Sir Gallahad OF WB
Skywalker OF WB
Smirnoff OF OFP
Sorolla CR Spanish OFC
Southern Oracle OF FOAL Stock
Stick to my Guns OF OFP
Sublime OF FOAL Sport OFP
Technicolor OF FOAL Pony OFP
Tendency to Roan OF Other Draft OFP Arena
Terrence CR UK Draft OFC
Trial and Error OF Paint OFP
VA Czar OF UK Draft OFP
Wood You Dance OF OFP
Du Pree, Ella
Dillon OF P
Rumors OF P
Scandal CM P
Duval, Donna
Apple Dumpling OF Exotic
Black Hawk Royal Knight OF D
Confetti OF T
Fanfare Golden Snowflake OF OFP
Flash of Blue Lightening OF M-
Giltedge Golden Halo OF OFP
Gypsy King OF UK Draft
Gypsy Rose Leeland OF FOAL Light
Hawk Royal Night OF Exotic
Larry OF P/C
Lemon Meringue Pie OF OFP
Phantom Wings OF FOAL OFP
Rejoice OF USA Gait
Scirroco OF Indian
Shahazara's Freedom Wind OF Arab
Skysolta OF OFP
Silver White Cloud OF Other Stock
Sorrel CM Other
Traveller CM Other
Dwyer, Margaret
Corporal OF TB
Dapper Dan CM Draft
D'artagnan CM Draft
Heracules OF WB Open
Finn Mc Cool OF Pony
Ishmael's Star OF Arab
Just Marvelous OF Other OFP
Palomar Bainbridge CM Other
Quick Shot OF QH OFP
Ruby Bey OF ASB
Shadowfax OF Arab NS
Silver Sonnet OF ASB
Silver Song OF ASB
Edie, Karen (KE)
Aged to Perfection CM Other Stock
At Ease OF Other Sport
Buckshot OF Other Stk
Charcoal Burnin OF Mustang OFP
Classic Desire OF Other Spt
Clint's Creation CM Other Light W Arab
Comeback Kid OF Mix
Conga Charlie OF Morgan OFP
DaddyÕs Legacy CM Oth Draft
DawnÕs Dream CM Arab CEP Arab
Delightful OF Exotic
Doc Dumarius CM Oth Draft W
Edge of Darkness OF Arab Arab
El Generale-CM QH CM QH
Frosty OF FOAL Other
Gotcha CM Oth Light
Gretchen's Kindness CR OFC
Gypsy Love OF QH
HAR King CM UK Draft
Heza Dreamer CM Oth Pony T-P Open
Ima Challenge OF FOAL Other OFP
Impressive Jet CM QH W
Intense Concentration OF WB
Irish Red OF Spanish OFP
ItÕs a Deal CM App W
ItÕs a Gray Area OF Other Sport
Jammies CM FOAL Light W A
KarenÕs Question OF UK Pony OFP
Lazy Daze CR OFC
Leopard Little CM FOAL Stock
Lisa's Light CM FOAL Pony W
Lovely Lady OF Arab
Mannerly Melba OF Other Draft
Matt's Wildest Dream OF T-P Other
Miss Dainty OF QH OFP
More Than Friends CR OFC
Mud Pie OF Oth Pony
Oh My Gosh CM W
Out of Stock CR OFC
Reddi Freddi OF Oth Pony
Shady Lady OF Indian
Sheza Brownstone OF FOAL OFP
Sheza Cutie CR FOAL Draft OFC
Show Me CR UK Pony OFC
Spark Plug OF UK Pony OFP
Splash OF App
Slightly Shy OF UK Draft
Spanish Pride CR OFC
Spotted Moon CM C
SPRÕs Dew Drop In CM App W Indian
SPR Elegant Belle CM Oth Light
SPRÕs IB Waitin on Approval CM App G-T
SPRÕs Ima Dunnit CM Paint Indian
SPR Versace CM Part Arab
Such Splendor OF OFP
Sweetness N Light OF FOAL Light OFP
The Right Stuff OF FOAL Light
True Bonnie Blue OF FOAL Draft OFP
Twice as nice CM Arab
Watta Guy CM Arab
Whatta Guy CR Light OFC T-P
Whoopie CM W
Wishful Thinking OF Paint
WeyanokeÕs Hot Flash OF Other Stk
Weaynoke's Hustlin Breeze OF Paint OFP
WeyanokeÕs Kindest Heart CM USA Gait
Weyanoke;s Precious Lady OF Oth Draft
Weyanoke's Smoker OF Paint OFP Indian Arena
Weyanoke;Õs Snowy Night OF Morgan
WeyanokeÕs Wiseguy CM Mix C/P
Wicked Desire OF Oth Draft
Edie. Lauren
Clarabelle OF OFP
Handsome Man OF T-P
Imagine That OF FOAL Exotic OFP
Kindred Spirit OF OFP
Patience OF O
Precious Illusion OF Exotic OFP
Seabiscuit OF TB OFP
Sundance CR Pony
Ekmanis, Ildze
Boogie Two Step CM App
Fancy Face OF App
RC Dream Splash CM FOAL Stock W
Smokin Rolls Royce CM Paint W
Unchained Melody OF OFP
Ellis, Susie
Addago CM W
Ar Domina CM FOAL Other W
Color Me Treasure CM USA Gait
Commander Conclusion CM part Arab W
Cruis'N the Casbar CM QH W
Enporio Aramna CM Morgan W
Entrepreneur CM Other Gait
Gwynplaine CM Other Draft W
Hot Scotch Man CM Paint W P-O
Hot Topic CM Other Stock
Jubilee CM Other Pure W
Kenwick CM TB/StB
Kisentell CM Arab
Lord of Ghost CM QH
Mercedes Flash CM ASB
Poise'n Ivy CM FOAL Pony
Royal Future CM Spanish W
Ruff Stuff CM UK Pony
She's a Ten CM FOAL Light
Spice Girl CM App W
Spots Interrupted CM Mix
Star Attraction CM part Arab
Strawberrypie Fight CM Indian
Take the Field CM FOAL Stock
Thimble CM FOAL Pony
Timeless Image CM Mix
Too Good To Skip CM App P
Twilight CM FOAL Light
Ultra Glide CM Other Gait
Unanimous Decision CM Other Pure W
Victor CM W
Watchamacallit CM FOAL Sport
Whos That Girl CM FOAL Light
Wonder Again CM FOAL Draft
Evans, Marisa (ME)
Bailo Con Brio OF Spanish
Elinor CM Exotic W
Fruity Pebbles OF UK Pony
Further to Fly OF UK Pony OFP
Hakkinen OF WB
Home Town Hero OF ASB
Impeccable OF OFP
Just Gert OF Mustang
LD Fetzen Fliegen CM WB
LD Memento CM TB W
Mallory OF UK Pony
Midnight Madness OF QH
Mighty Aphrodite OF Mix
Nicodemus OF UK Draft
Orpheus OF OFP
Seaworthy OF TB
Serenzipity CM Paint OFP
Shameless OF Paint OFP
Simply Sterling OF T-O-P Open
Sin City Siren OF FOAL OFP
Storm Warning OF OFP
Strictly Ballroom OF ASB
Suerte Sin Par OF OFP
Superstition OF FOAL Sport
Surprise OF FOAL Sport
UC Theatrical OF Morgan
Farrell, Angela
Belle OF Morgan
Briar OF UK Pony
Cappuccino OF OFP
Cinnamon OF OFP
General OF OFP
Hot Cocoa OF Morgan
Maggie OF OFP
Misty Mine OF OFP
Neopolitan OF OFP
Roseana CR OFC
Run Wild OF TB
What-a-Buy OF OFP
Ferguson-Rolfes, Tracy
Barry OF UK Draft
Brimstone Brianna CM W
Doe's Golden Boy OF OFP
Dolly CR FOAL Draft OFC
Fjellwellin CM Other Pony
Iceman CR Other Pure OFC
Miss Calico CM Exotic W
Moondance CR FOAL OFC
Penny Royale CR FOAL Sport
Return to Sender OF OFP
Shanahan's Pride CR Other Sport
Vanya CR Other Draft
Fey, Lydia
Boogie Nights OF OFP
Dream Catcher OF FOAL Stock
Duke George OF WB OFP
Dynamic Clue OF QH
Ebony Fox OF OFP
el Sharad Storm OF Arab
Espartero Star OF FOAL Light
Hoot OF Exotic OFP
Justins Tune OF Morgan OFP
Mirage OF FOAL Light
M'Lady Dunnit OF OFP
Peggy Sue OF Other Draft
Quincy OF FOAL Draft
Silver Streak OF OFP
Firstenberg, Maria
Brugge Belle OF Other Draft
Elaine OF OFP
Littleton Lady OF Morgan
Lodur OF USA Gait
Lustre OF Spanish
Quarterflash OF OFP
Raven OF FOAL Light
Shadowfax OF OFP
Sporprendente Rapidez OF Other Light OFP
Twilight Flames OF Other Light
Fligg, Gale (GF)
Affirmed OF G-
Coco OF Morgan
Dan Patch OF M
Lady OF Morgan
Michelle OF Morgan
Monte OF X-G-D
Star Bright OF FOAL Sport
Floyd, Jill
Chocolate OF T
Daddy's Choice OF T-H-P
Flash Forward OF R-O-G-
Greyman OF J
Jazzercise OF J-X
Little League OF P
Nickers OF H-P-T Open
Spook Show Baby OF R-G-O-T-P
Twist N Shout OF P
Franz, Lorrie
Ahleeha Charm OF Mix OFP Open
American Diamond OF OFP
Bold Legacy OF Half Arab OFP
Diamonte de Classico OF Spanish OFP Open
Excellencia OF Open
Faded Fantasy OF Mustang OFP
Fancy That OF FOAL OFP
Home Town Ayre OF ASB OFP
Hope's Eternal Glory OF Paint OFP R/C
Ivette Vale OF Spanish O
Largo OF H/J-P
LeMans OF Morgan OFP
Merryment Lassie OF Mix Open D-P
Preferido OF Spanish OFP
Seller's Hat OF OFP
Social Journey OF App OFP
Sundance Hot Rod OF Other Pony OFP
Time to Burn OF TB
Van de Camp OF OFP
Freeman, Elizabeth
Darius CR FOAL Sport OFC
EH Basic But Bold OF OFP
EH Capella CR OFC
EH Excaliber OF OFP
EH Hearts on Fire OF Arab
EH Hot Flash OF OFP
EH Mardi Gras OF OFP
EH Moonstruck CR App OFC
EH Newsprint OF OFP
EH Poet CR UK Draft OFC
EH Rosebud OF UK Draft OFP
EH Shalimar OF OFP
EH Shannon OF OFP
EH Southern Honor CR USA Gait
EH Wing and a Prayer CR OFC
EH Zepplin OF OFP
ELF Hollow Ethan CR Morgan OFC
Fabriano CR Spanish OFC
Just Imagine CR FOAL Stock OFC
Scimitar CR UK Draft
Fulcher, Sharon
Arcturus CM CHINA Light W
Betws y Coed OF OFP
Boadicea CM W
Chelsea CR Draft OFC
Cold Shot OF OFP
Colwyn Bay CR UK Pony
Country Gentleman CM CHINA Light W
Coventry CR Sport
Easter CR OFC
Eye of the Hurricane OF TWH OFP
Faded Sigh CR Paint OFC
Fireball CR Stock
Galahad CR Spanish OFC
George CR OFC
Holyrood CM CH F Draft W
Jet Rink OF App
Kjani CM CHINA Pony W
Little Wing CM CHINA Stock W
Lucielle OF OFP
Minnie CR UK Draft OFC
Misty Moment OF Other Pony
Mowenna CR UK Pony OFC
Mudlahara CR Arab/part OFC
Niburu CM CH F Breed W
Odin CR Other Pony OFC
Okeally Dokeally CR FOAL Stock OFC
Ophelia OF OFP
Peach Fuzz CR OFC
Percival CR Spanish OFC
Phobos CM CH F Breed W
Plantagenet CM FOAL Sport
Prailine King OF TWH OFP
Quasimodo CM FOAL Sport W
Samsara CR Other Stock OFC
Sara Bande CR Other Stock OFC
Smooth Dancer CR Sport
Splendid CM FOAL Draft W
Spledid Gypsy CM CH F Breed W
Stone Cold CM App
Theoden CR OFC
Too Much CR OFC
Tundra CR Exotic OFC
Winchester CR Stock
Gardner, Kristine
Athena OF Arab OFP
Big Red OF OFP
Big Sky Montana OF OFP
Bold As Brass OF WB OFP
Bon Cherie OF FOAL OFP
Cheyenne OF Other Stock
Cornerstone OF OFP
Dance the Tango OF ASB
FSF Dixie Breeze OF App
Go Figure OF OFP
Joan of Arc OF UK Draft
Just Plain Jane CR FOAL OFC
Kipper OF OFP
Make Your Mark OF Other Draft
Misty OF OFP
Modern Art CR Stock
Norman CR FOAL Sport OFC
Novena CR FOAL Light OFC
Phannie Mae OF OFP
Quatlame CR Other Pure OFC
Shadow Maker OF OFP
Spike the Punch OF UK Pony
Sutter Home OF TWH OFP
The Golden Venture CR FOAL Stock OFC
Two Bits Test OF OFP
Yellow Mount Test OF OFP
Gatcombe, Danelle
Aboukir Bey CM Arab W
Ana Masarrah CM W
Con Amore CM TB/StB W
Confusion CM W
Crusader CM WB W
Diva Devine CM FOAL W
Fa Amir CR Light
Frolic CM FOAL W
Frosted Flakes CM FOAL Other
General Warren CM TB W
Godiva CM FOAL W
Heavy Cream CM Other Draft W
Hot Spur CM Morgan W
Imp CM FOAL Light W
Marra fee Al-Haya CM Arab W
Nadirah OF Arab
Popinjay CM Half Arab W
Renaissance CM Other light W
Thrupenny Tax CM Morgan W
Yaseer Ghazali CM Arab
Godwin, Cari
AS Luck Wood Have It OF OFP
Cash and Carry OF J-X-T-H-P-D-O
Cocobolo Fino OF OFP
Debutante Extrodinaire CM W
Griswold's Shamalan CM Other Sport W J-X-H-T-P-D-O
GTD Knock on Wood OF OFP
Isn't he Dashing OF Other Sport
Just Nuts About You OF OFP
Nefertari OF FOAL OFP
Nuttin Honey OF OFP
Prelude to Light CM WB W D
Spotted Once Again OF OFP
Tickle Me Spotted OF UKPony OFP
Winds of Change OF UK Pony OFP
Gordon, Marilyn
Babe CM M-P-C-O J-D-X
Cinnabar OF C
Maggie CM D
Thor CM P-C-O H-P-T R/C-P Open
Hagrman, Pam
Auction Fever OF OFP
Blondie OF OFP
Catch Can Man OF App OFP
Classic Black OF Morgan OFP
D'Artagnan OF UK Pony
Docker OF Other Pony OFP
Drop Dead Fred OF OFP
Enigma OF OFP
Eye of the Tiger OF Half Arab OFP
Fatal Error OF OFP
Fuzzy Logic ? P/C
Hunter's Chant OF OFP
Inspired OF OFP
Law & Order OF WB
La Zara del Rey OF Other Pony
LJJ A Fine Whine OF Mix OFP
Moment of Weakness OF OFP
RO Blue Bayou OF OFP
RO No Regrets OF OFP
RO Storm Front CM Exotic W
Serendipity OF OFP
Haley, Christine
H-R Spickett CR FOAL Pony
Just A Star CR FOAL Light
Hall, Alison
Jay R Blues CM W
JR Booner Boy CR QH OFC
JR Popcorn Chicken OF OFP
Travelin Soldier OF OFP
Hanson, Lianne
Boston Bruin OF X-J
Imzadi OF P-H-T Open
Harris, Ann (AH)
Boris CM Other Draft W
Bubba CM Other Pony W
Carnoustie CM UK Draft W
Deep Red CM Other Sport W J/X-H-T-P-O
Donnator CM Other Light W
Dun With Sue CM QH
Fluid Power CM QH
Guit Steele Blues CM QH W R-O
Hat Chex Girl CM FOAL Stock
Herzog CM TB W
Hot Suite CM FOAL Stock W
Long Walk Back CM USA Gait W
Rusalka CM FOAL Sport
Silent Bob CM Other Draft W
Sir Winston CM UK Draft W
Skip the Details CM FOAL Stock
Three Card Monte CM Other Stock W C-G-O-T-P-Re
Titleist CM Other Sport
Ubu CM Exotic W
WW After Dark CM TB W
Hathway, Amy
Dawn's Golden Day OF Other pony
GH Yin Yang CM W
Hathway, Beth
Big Heart OF Other Stock
Fortune Found OF OFP
GH Debonario Top Hat OF OFP
GH Gold Core OF Morgan
Gibby's Mr Roberts OF Paint
Hinterkeuser, Beth
Captain Foxwoods CM Morgan
Dread Pirate Roberts CM Morgan
Dream Craft CM Other Draft
Ghraydrian CM UK Pony W
Isle of Skye CM W
Rosalinda CM W
Hoffert, Beth
Archaeon CM Morgan
Asdruebael Vect CM Arab W Arab
Big Bottom CM W
Desert Star CM W
Dhrazhar CM Other Pure W P/C
Dragoncrest Azreal CM W
Dragon Master CM USA Gait
Eldrad Utthra CM Spanish
Inflatable Happiness CM USA Gait Open
Little Johnnie CM TB/StB
Lullabye Moon CM QH Arena
Mananita CM App W
Mildred CM Other Draft W
Poetic Treachery CM UK Pony
Rent Princess CM Other Stock
Rodney CM W Hist
TFS Kane ? R/C
TFS Wizard CM W
Throbbin Lolipop ? O
Tzcench CM W
Wallaby Darned ? T
Whitetrash Apocolypse CM W T-P
Hoselton, Colleen
Ho Ho Hee Haw OF Exotic
Let Me In OF Exotic
Let the Wookie Win ? Open Creative
Lovin' CR OFC
Mums the Word ? Hist
Sea Cracker OF TB OFP
Spoon CR OFC
Wee Bit O Gaelic ? Creative
Hoselton, Jesse
Apple Sweetheart OF App
Allegro OF Other Stock
Andante OF FOAL Other
Carmel Country OF FOAL Draft
Catch Me if You Can OF FOAL Sport
Flicker OF FOAL Other
Jing OF Exotic
Giraffe OF FOAL Pony
Oreo OF FOAL Pony Creative
Pearl Harbor OF OFP
Poppleton ? Creative
Reliance OF Mix
Twink OF UK Draft
Vanilla Oreo OF FOAL Pony
Jacobs, Dorothy
Achilles Last Sand CR Sport OFC
Albany Sunset CR Exotic OFC
Albany Treasure CR FOAL Other OFC
Appleby Moondance CR Mix OFC
Autumn Venture CR Paint OFC
Caerphilly CM CHINA Pony
Calibrated Connection CR Other Pure OFC
Castles and Dreams CR Morgan OFC
Charm School CR USA Gait OFC
Cowboy Romance CM UK Draft
Dire Wolf CM FOAL Other W
Down to Details CR FOAL Light W
Druid CM Euro WB W
Entrada Elegante CM CHINA Light
Fritz CM FOAL Sport
From Whence CR Other Stock OFC
Fyredancer CM CH F Breed W
Glisten CR TB/StB OFC
Ghost CR OFC
Golden Sovereign OF OFP
Heads We're Dancing CM FOAL Draft W
Heritage Moonstone CM W
Hollymead Gladiator CM CHINA Other Pure W
Hot Damn CM CHINA Light
Jacob's Toy CM FOAL Sport
Kaydara CR Sport OFC
Kickalittle CR Exotic OFC
Kincaid CM FOAL Stock
Knight Moves CR Arab OFC
Kondaveeti CR Sport
Lucinda CR FOAL Sport W
Mellisande CR UK Pony
Night Flight CR App OFC
Nomadic Journey CR Exotic
Norwegian Wood CR Pony OFC
Nyah Nyah CR Pony OFC
Past Tense CR UK Pony OFC
Penderwynn CR Draft OFC
Peter Bilt CR Draft OFC
Popcorn Princess CR USA Gait OFC
Privateer CM CHINA Draft
Raffles in Rio CM FOAL Pony W
Raising Arizona CR QH OFC
Rapid Transit OF Paint
Sarasota Songbird CR Other Draft
Short Pint CR FOAL Pony/Draft OFC
Soul Rebel CM FOAL W
Soul shakedown CM FOAL Other W
Southern Comfort CM Gaited W
Spring Session CR FOAL Light OFC
Suspicious Circumstance CR Other Pure OFC
Smug Juggler CR TB/StB OFC
Snowball's Chance CR Other Draft OFC
Stay Up Light CR Exotic OFC
Strike Three CM CHINA Pony
Tintagel Triumph CR UK Draft OFC
Wandering Spirit CM W
Washington Tango CR Mix
Winter Vision CM Paint W
Yule Be Amazed CM P/D mix
Zackly CM Exotic
Jahl, Binny
Jester CR FOAL Other OFC
Luna CR Morgan
Raven OF FOAL Light
Skywalker CR Other Pony
Jarvis, Heather
Be Fair OF H-D
Im A Smoken Jet OF R/C-O
Iron River OF O
Noble Intentions OF Parade
Phantom Jet OF Open
Prince Reja OF TB Open
Real Partener OF TB H-J-D-O
Slap Jack OF Exotic P
Stardust OF NS
Johnson, Gretchen
Ahab CM W
Allie-Up CM TB W
American Pride CM W
International Affaire CM Other Light
Izzy Neat CM FOAL Stock
Nevada CM W
Oberson CM W
SPR's Good Golly Miss Molly CM FOAL Light W
Katz, Michele
Bit O Honey OF UK Draft
Black Minx OF TB/StB
Body Double OF Arab
Bristol OF Mix
Chickataw Gold OF FOAL OFP
Cinnatoast OF UK Draft
Cirrus OF OFP
Daybreak CM App W
Halo OF QH
Ike CM FOAL Stock
Lady Brooke OF ASB
Mit's Better Man CM Part Arab
Mit's Feronia CM W
Mit's Hollywood Starlet CM FOAL W
Mit's Poseidon CM W
Mit's Sophisitcated Val CM Other Sport
Mit's Two Cents CM FOAL Light W
Paitnetly CM ASB
Special Dark OF Morgan OFP
Tiny Spark OF FOAL Stock
Titan CM Spanish
Keil, Diane (DK)
Belle Haven CM G-T-P-D
Cappucino CM Perf
Color Guard CM P P T A-Cr
Frosty Money CM D
Oliver CM J/X-H-T-P-O
Sun Worthy CM G-C-R-T-Re-O
Keil, Kulie (JK)
Belle Haven CM D-P-O
Gold Worthy CM R-T-G-O
Magnum CM P
Picasso CM M R
Kilborne, Morgen
Baby Sondae CM FOAL Stock W Creative
Kalypso Kid CM FOAL Other W
Prydar CM Other Pony W
Spot of Luck CM App W
Kingston, Janelle
Brighty Boy OF Exotic
Color ME Wonderful CM O CEP P
Doc Not OF FOAL Stock
Enchante OF P Open
Fantasy Jewel CM H T-R/C
Glass Eyes OF ASB
Holy Heart's Desire CM FOAL Sport
Le Femme Nikita CM G-
My-T Expensive Lady CM O-P C-
Reinventing the Steele CM UK Draft
Splendor CM CEP
Sundance OF Paint
Tigger Babe CR FOAL Pony OFC
VF High Roller CM W
Knott, Oliva (OK)
Crystal Bijou OF OFP
Glissando OF OFP
Lizzy the Lovely OF Other OFP
Louie Tackett III OF Other Pure
Outlook OF Other Stock
Subsidy OF FOAL Stock
Kolodzinski, Lauren (LK)
Ace of Spades OF G-P-T
A Flashy Gentleman OF Other Light OFP
A Passing Stranger OF J-X-O-T-H-P-D
Benviollo CR Exotic OFC
Champagne Toast OF Other Gait
Cheyenne OF O
Cuber Thief OF T
Dark Raven OF H-P
Gerry's Big Star OF OFP
Golden Streak OF QH NS
Invitation Only OF Spanish
Island Breeze OF H-P-T Open
Kiss Me not OF UK Pony P
Lemon Smash OF UK Draft Arena
Little Dude OF FOAL Sport
Might Tango OF Other Pure
Miss Alice OF NS
Morning Glory OF Half Arab
Naomi OF P/D cross OFP
Reno OF Exotic
Rosie OF Other Draft
Silver Fox OF OFC
St Louis Blues OF Othe rLight OFP
Sudden Rush OF ASB OFP
Kopkey, Tanya (TK)
A House of Thunder OF P
Amity Isle OF Paint OFP
At This Moment CM T-R/C-P
Back to Avalon OF WB
Bagamundi CM Arab
Beyond Silver CM TB/StB W
BH Plain Jane CM FOAL Exotic W
Calamity Jane CM FOAL Exotic W
Chics Charming Lily OF FOAL Stock Open
Color Me Impressive OF OFP
Country Sunshine OF Arab
CZ Dakota Smoke CM W G
Donovan CM G-P
Don't Skip Zip OF Indian
Egyptian Mist CM Arab
Fancy This Chip OF P
Fate's Legacy CM Arab
Firewater CM Other Sport W
Forbidden Paradise OF USA Gait
Forever Foolish OF TB/StB OFP
Fourteen Karat CM Morgan W
Gunga Din CM Exotic W
Helms Deep CR WB W
Ima Pelo Chip OF OFP
Jet City Woman CM A
Just Ask Mister OF P
Kamishak Bey OF Arena
Keeper of the Flame CM Indian
Kendall Daydream CM Mix W
Kentucky Heat OF Other Gaited
Kuriosity Kills OF OFP
Lady in Black CM P/D Cross
Lightening Road CM UK Pony
Liquid Dreams OF App OFP
Maurauder Moon CM Indian
Midnight Clear OF OFP
Miss Mousey Lena CM Other Stock W Open
Mogambo CM Exotic W
MV Sacred Sunset CM FOAL Stock W
Mystic Moment CM FOAL Light W
One Hot Chick OF FOAL OFP
Operation Mindcrime OF OFP
Pacific Frost CM UK Draft
Pennywise OF Exotic OFP
Physical Graffiti OF OFP
Pride and Joy CR Arab OFC
Promise Land OF Other Draft OFP
Rainy Bay Surprise OF Half Arab OFP
Senor Castaway OF Spanish
Silent Lucidity CR Morgan OFC
Simply Blushing OF OFP
Skeeter OF Indian Open
Skyline Temptation CM FOAL W
Stormy Bay Surprise OF FOAL Light OFP
Sweet Nothings CM UKPony W
Talkin Dirti OF Indian
Termination Dust OF R/C-P-G-T-O Open
The Purity Seeker OF QH
Unskinny Bop Bey OF Arab
Walking in Shadows CM Other Light W
Whitefire CR Exotic OFC
With Honors OF Other Sport OFP
Wolfbane CR FOAL Pony
Wolfram and Hart CM C-PPF
Zips Guilty Pleasure OF O-T
Kulwicki, Sylvia
Diamond Stormy ? Open
Huckleberry Bay CR Arab
Nataf CR Arab OFC
Reign of Mist OF OFP
Shades of Night CM FOAL Light W
the Beat Goes On CR Sport OFC
Tuxedo OF OFP
Wind of Change CR OFC
Lape, Laurie (LL)
Abu Garcia OF Fine CEP
Black Tie Affair OF M-C-P-O
Cinnabar OF C-T-P-G-O
Color Guard CM PPF
Danny CM M-C-PPF G O
Got Leggs CM W CEP T-P
Maggie CM D-Open
PS No Moore CM X-G-J-O-H-T
Rocky I OF Mix OFP Indian
Rosie CM FOAL Pony
Silver Cloud ? Arena
Stone Jack OF Other Creative
Strong Embrance OF FOAL Sport
Waterloo OF P Hist Creative
Whiskey River CM R-C-G-
Libby, Taryn (TL)
AR Dandylion CM FOAL W
Austin Powers CM Other Gait
Catch Me If You Can OF Mix OFP
Crunch N Munch CM Other
D'Arry's Stellar Rose CM Mix W
Dun Deal OF App T-P Open
Executive CM Draft W
Foxxy Cleopatra CM Paint Open
High Steppin Glacher OF P-T
Justa Spot CM Othe rStock
Justin Time OF WB
Mardi Gras OF OFP
Master of Disguise CM UK Draft W
Mayimas CM WB
Melekhan CM Other Pure W
Merlin CM W
Missunderstood CM Arab
Moonraker OF Other Pure OFP
Need I Say More CM Pony
Odd Job OF Other Stock OFP
O'Shay CM Paint
Pay N Go OF Other O-D
Phaaoh OF G
Rainmaker CM Part Arab W
Red Hawke CM W
Ribbons of Lace CM WB W
Rosebud OF OFP
Sgt Red Pepper OF O
Shalimer OF Arab
Silver Knight OF OFP
Speck's Freckled Robin OF OFP
Spotted Glory CM W
Sputnik OF Other Pony OFP
Stellaluna CM Paint
Tempestuosos CM W
Tequilla Sunrise OF Paint
Tinkerbell OF OFP
Topic's Brandywine OF QH
Vanner White CM W O
Zephyr OF Other Stock
Z ipp N Charisma CM FOAL W
Zippo Shine Bar OF QH OFP
Lievense, Dianne (DL)
Always Raven OF FOAL Light OFP
Champange Wishes OF Other Light OFP
Czarina Katrina OF Other pure
Don Juan Esteban OF Spanish
Hocus Pocus OF Other Pure
Ima Foxy Chick OF FOAL Stock
Ima Zoot Suit Riot OF P C/P Open
Mahalo OF WB
My Texas Sugar Daddy OF QH P-T P/C
Ovation CM WB H-J/X
Ra's Dawn Command CM Arab W T-P
Romeo CM W
RV Command Performance OF Arab OFP
RV Encore Performance OF Arab OFP G J/X P Arab-C/P
RV Pair of Aces CM Paint P P/C
RV Silver Seduction OF OFP
RV Worth Watchin CM Morgan W F P P
Sheza Texas Flirt OF App
Vladimir OF WB
Lionetti, Debi
Androssan CM W
Blue's Clues CM App W
Cash Bar CM Other Pony W
Darrowby Dales CR UK Draft
Darzai Asali CM W
Donegal Winter Sunset CR Draft/Exotic OFC
Eternal Flame CM Part Arab W
Flashpoint CM Paint W
Flashy Squire CR OFC
Frosty Surprise CR App OFC
Glennlivet Leprechaun CM W
Glory Glory Hallelujah OF Paint OFP
Hot Cocoa N Cream OF FOAL Stock
Jacinthe CR FOAL Pony OFC
Jaskilka CR OFC
Kunaif CM W
Lavender Lace CR Draft/Exotic
Mazarin CM Other Light W
Meadowrue Morning Glory CM Other Draft W
Meadowrue Sunfire CM Other Draft W
Medwyn Shades of Darkness CR UK Draft OFC
Miss Maple Sugar CR FOAL Light OFC
Mocha Splash CR FOAL Draft OFC
Monarch's Imperial Aires CM W
Mythical CM UK Draft W
Nermal CR FOAL Pony OFC
Night Moves CR Draft/Exotic OFC
Normandie CR Other Draft OFC
Ra'd CM Arab W
Riffraff CR FOAL Other OFC
Ruffles CR FOAL Other
Rio Rico CR FOAL Stock OFC
Samarkand CM Arab W
September Song CR TB/StB OFC
Shadow of a Doubt CR Pony
Sidewinder CM Other Stock W
Silverspun Morning Sun CM Other Light W
Susurro CR Light OFC
Sword Dancer CR Sport
Telluride CR OFC
Wait For Me CR Paint OFC
Winter Starz CM TB W
WV Winterscape CM W
Zan's Best Bar none CM QH
Zul CM Other Light W
Lorello, Donna
AF Blackberry Frost OF G
AF Hearts Afire OF Arab
Arcadian Majesty CM D
Arcadia's Eagle Spirit CM Other Stock
Arcadia's King of Thieves CM Mix W
Arcadia's Midnight Echo OF P O-T-H-P C-T-P Arena
Arcadia's Miss Dainty Doc OF P/C
Arcadia's Red Rocket OF Arab Arab
Arcadia's Wolf Spirit CM R/C-
Buttons CR FOAL Other OFC
Corazon de Arcadia OF Spanish
Dun in Red OF FOAL Stock
Exacliber of Arcadia CM UK Draft
Just Jack CM Exotic
Majuesto Arcadia CM Spanish W P
Medieval Knight OF Spanish
Prince Charming OF OFP
Martin, Kelly
Abrakadabra CM Morgan T
Amira OF FOAL Light OFP
Arthur's Strength OF Pony OFP
Batal OF OFP
Boldly Going Bey OF Half Arab
Favory OF OFP
Good Golly Miss Molly OF Draft
New Orleans Jazz OF ASB
No Excuses CM H/J
Nokomis OF Other Pure
One in a Million OF Other Sport
Penny Lane OF TB
Platinum Diva OF Draft
Premonition of Roses OF TB
Southern Sunrise OF USA Gait
Telling Stories OF Pony
McGuire, Alex
Autumn Haze OF QH
Blue Night Shadows OF FOAL Light
Email Army OF QH
Flintlock Gold CM W
From Your Heart to Mine OF Other Stock
Mirage or Memory OF App
Oceanic OF OFP
Petit Fille CR FOAL Stock OFC
Pixie Sticks OF UK Pony
SS Drifting Cloud CR Exotic
Stone Cold OF OFP
Suncoast CM Other Pure
WD Burdaned With Blame OF OFP
McHatten-Gura, Roxanne (RMG)
BAF Jacqueline OF OFP
Ber AliÕs Grady OF UK Draft
Ber AliÕs Tizzy OF Other Draft OFP
Elham el Nefous+ CM Arab
Farah el Serif CM Arab
Irro novy Spies OF Other Sport
JG Nafis Rakkas OF Mix/Grade OFP
Kachina OF Mustang OFP
Kroeler OF WB
Mud Honey OF TB OFP
Mystically OF OFP
Nafis Destina CM Arab
Spur of the Moment OF USA Gait
Zaffa OF Arab OFP
McKenney, Michelle
Aphrodite's Mystique CM P
Einwandfreiste CM J-X-H-D
Goldschlagger CM J-X-H
Instant Gratification CM O-P
Southern Comfort H CM Other
Szeretett CM D
Tarif al Waheed CM CEP
Vanilla Chai CM O-T-H-P-D
Yankee Chic O Lena CM G-C-O
MacLean, Culver
Checkmate CM Other Sport P-H/J-O
I Can Command CM Morgan
Toadhill Flax CM TB/StB
WW Code of Glory CM O
McNamara, Colleen
Accipiter OF Other Pure OFP
Always Coming Home OF Paint
Applejack OF FOAL Draft/Pony
Asking for Trouble CM W
Artful Dodger OF Other Draft OFP
Aubade OF Arab
Black Flag CM UK Draft
Born to Boogie OF Morgan
Busanda OF ASB
Bustopher Jones OF Other Pure
Cedric OF Other Sport
Charlie Goes to the Masquerade CM Other Sport
Chipper CM Other pure
Cowboy Song OF App
Crossing the Water OF Paint
Dazzle CM FOAL W
Departure OF Other Sport
Dragon del Fuego CM Spanish
Evora CM Mix W
Full Fathom Five OF Other Stock
Glamour Girl OF Other Pony
Go Boy's Keep Pushin CM Other Gait
Guilty Pleasures CM Half Arab W
Honestly CM WB
Intuition CM Part Arab W
Just Kiss Me! CM W
Lascaux CM Other Draft W
LD Dealbreaker CM WB
Lilia CM UK Draft W
Lunatic Cafˇ CM Other Sport
Lyonesse OF Part Arab
Manch Vegas OF UK Draft
Marlin CM Foal Stock
Mouse OF FOAL Light
Nemo CM Foal Other
Quickening CM FOAL Sport W
Quicksilver Pool OF TB/StB
R2D2 CM Other Pony
Raj OF Arab
Rudy CM Other Pony
Sayings and Doings OF QH
Sort of Homecoming OF Other Pure
Southern Sunrise OF Part Arab
Tony the Tiger OF Paint
Ulan Bator OF Other Light
Wintering CM UK Draft
Wishful Thinking OF Other Sport
Mazuz, Daphne
DS Charlie Joe CR FOAL Other OFC
DS Ideal Husband OF TB/StB
DS Sheza Ballerina OF FOAL Stock OFP
Guided By Voices OF ASB
Jupiter's Moon CM ASB W
Pagan Poetry CM FOAL Draft/Pony W
Violently Happy CM Half Arab W
Wesley CM W
Mentesana, Bernadette (BM)
Austin Powers CM Exotic W
Caredo CM Mustang
Cash Stripper CM Paint
Cloud Watcher CR QH OFC
Cha Nu Pah CM W
Cirque CM Oth Sport W
Designs by Freckles CM W
Duplicate Seven CM Mustang Indian
Guiness OF OFP
Hanibal CM W
Ispaban CM Arab
Jose Muldoon CM Spanish W
JupiterÕs Cloud OF OFP
Laredo CM Other Sport W
Liv OF Other Draft
Molokai OF WB
Money for Nothing OF Paint OFP
Mr Holey Sox OF QH
Mylestone's Gift CR QH OFC
Panama Red OF Mustang
Rhombus CM WB W O-D
RikerÕs Legacy CM Paint G-O-R/C-T Indian
Rockingham CM QH W
Skip Light Cowgirl CM FOAL Stock W
Skip Light Lene CM QH
Tango CM WB
Thendara CM App W
Wap spotted CM Other Sport W
Miller, Danielle
Birkenstock CM Other Sport W G-H-O-T-P-J/X
Casey Jones CM W
Cassiopea CM Part Arab W
Emotional Rescue CM ASB W G A
Espiritu Del Cielo CM Spanish
Fernando CM WB
Harris Neuhaus CR OFC
Hysteria CM App W P
Jokar Dane CM UK Draft W
Jumpin Jack Flash CM FOAL W
Just Push Play CM ASB W
Khoisan CM Arab W Arab Creative
Pajama Parr T CM FOAL Stock W
Pied Piper CM Other Pony W
Pippi Longstocking CM FOAL Sport
Play on Emotions CR FOAL Light OFC
Sergei CM Arab
Victoria's Secret CM Other Light P
Miller, Julie (JM)
Autumn Magic OF USA Gait
Amicable OF UK Pony
Amor de la Vida OF Spanish
Appollo OF Other Sport OFP
Beloved Gift OF Arab
Bramble Bastille OF UK Draft OFP
Byzantine OF TB/StB OFP
Carson Riley OF Other Draft
Cayuga OF App
Celestial OF FOAL Draft OFP
Check Mate OF UK Pony OFP
Daring Darwin CM TB/StB W
Darwin's Disciple OF Arab OFP
E-Nunciate OF Other Stock
Eye on You OF Half Arab OFP
Fico OF Paint OFP
Flore Shaffer OF Other Sport OFP
Full Metal Jacket OF Other Draft
Gold Standard OF Exotic OFP
Gossip CM UK Pony OFP
GrayÕs Post OF Morgan OFP
Ididit OF TB OFP
Ima Desert Rose CM FOAL W
Isle of Mist OF WB OFP
Kimba OF FOAL Sport
Legendary OF Arab OFP
Light Beam OF FOAL Draft
Long Tail OF ASB
Lunar Eclipse OF Other Pony
Madaboutyou OF TB/StB OFP
Magnificent OF OFP
Mark Time OF WB OFP
Masterful Performance OF QH
Marquetry OF Other Stock OFP
Moonshine OF FOAL Stock OFP
Novus OF Arab
Pickles Crookshank CM W
Pumpkin OF Other Draft
Radagast Rogue OF FOAL Light
Revolutionary OF FOAL D/P
Riccochet OF Mustang OFP
Say It Isn't So OF OFP
Sparkle Dew CM Other Stock
Spectacular OF Morgan OFP
Spencer OF Exotic OFP
Stand By Me OF TWH OFP
Stop the Press OF OFP
Streamline OF TB OFP
Sweet Lady OF Paint OFP
Taken OF OFP
Time Flier OF FOAL Draft OFP
Trickster OF FOAL OFP
Winsome OF Half Arab
Morrison, Kim
Topics Bo Bo OF App
Topics Charismatic OF WB
Topics Charity OF QH OFP
Topics Dreamcatcher OF Arab
Topic's Enlightenment CM Morgan
Topic's Final Fantasy OF FOAL OFP
Topics Grand Charisma OF Half Arab
Topics Hustling Breeze OF Paint
Topic's Just Like ME OF NS
Topics Lady Raindrop OF QH OFP
Topic's Legacy OF App
Topics Mischief Maker OF Morgan
Nelson, Cary
Apple Annie OF OFP
As Luck Would Have It OF OFP
Big Rock Candy Mountain OF OFP
Black Widow OF P/D cross OFP
Blue Cody OF OFP
Blue Grotto OF OFP
Blue Monday OF OFP
Boogie Man OF OFP
Candy-O OF OFP
Cinnamon Lies OF OFP
Daisy OF OFP
Desert Snowstorm OF OFP
Dream Come True OF Other Stock OFP
Dun Got Lucky OF OFP
Electric Blue OF Other Gaited OFP
El Tovar OF OFP
Flash in the Pan OF FOAL OFP
Hot Lead OF Half Arab OFP
Jakarta OF OFP
Justin Time OF OFP
Kalahari OF OFP
Lil Bitta Oreo OF FOAL OFP
lil Sapphire Too OF FOAL OFP
Little Idol OF FOAL OFP
Little Nugget OF FOAL OFP
Lucky Find OF Other Sport OFP
Manon Lascaux OF OFP
Maple Dreams OF OFP
Midnight Tango OF OFP
Platinum Lace OF QH OFP
Playa de Oro OF OFP
Playboy OF OFP
Rose Madder OF OFP
Smooth Operator OF OFP
Snickers OF OFP
Spellbound OF USA Gait OFP
Spots and More Spots OF FOAL OFP
Spots N Dots OF FOAL OFP
Starstruck OF OFP
Steel Twilight OF OFP
Sun Devil OF OFP
Temple of the Sun OF OFP
The Aztec OF OFP
Thundervision OF OFP
Twenty Four Carrot OF OFP
Wooden It B Fine OF FOAL OFP
Wooden It B Nyce OF OFP
Woodland Song OF OFP
Wood U B Mine OF OFP
Nichols, Michael
Caballero CM P Open
Candy Bar OF UK Pony
Challenger OF WB
Doodle Bug OF OFP
Kiyuba OF FOAL Stock
Krum OF UK Pony
Lenny OF Other Stock
Monarch OF Mix
Pauline OF Other Gait
Rainbow OF Other Pure
Ranger OF Other Pure
Sabrina CM Exotic W
Tristan OF FOAL Light
Nichols, Larry (LN)
NLF Ankra OF Other Pure OFP M-C-PPF
NLF Apache Squaw OF OFP
NLF A Pretty Penny OF O-P
NLF Beach Bum OF OFP
NLF Blue Velvet OF FOAL Pony OFP
B'ranagan OF WB OFP
NLF Cajun Boy OF P-H/J-O
NLF Chipwich OF O-T-P
Color Me Blue OF ASB
NLF Creamsicle OF Spanish OFP
NLF Derrek OF Other Sport
Dixie Chick OF H-P-D
NLF Fagan OF UK Pony OFP
NLF Freckles OF Other Pony OFP
NLF Harold OF D-X-J
NLF Hermione CM Mix
NLF Hot Fudge CR USA Gait OFC
NLF I'm Alright OF Part Arab Open
NLF Ima Joker OF App C Open
NLF Jeremy OF FOAL Pony
NLF Just Curious OF TB OFP
NLF Kidrock OF Other Pony
NLF King of NY OF Paint
NLF Little Cat OF FOAL Light
NLF Lynxia CR Exotic OFC
NLF Lyric Phrase OF P
NLF Nebaru CR FOAL Draft/Exotic OFC
NLF Peso d'Oro OF Spanish
NLF Phantom OF UK Pony
NLF Pride of the Isles CR FOAL Draft OFC
NLF Queenie OF Arab Open
NLF Rajamani OF Other Pure Open
NLF Reggie OF FOAL Sport OFP
NLF Scamp the Tramp OF O-G
NLF Scout OF C
NLF Serra CM Other Light O Open
NLF Skipper OF Paint OFP
NLF Smirnoff OF Other Light
NLF Sno-Man OF J-X-D
NLF Sugar N Spice OF D-T-H-P-T
Tagless OF Open
NLF Touch of Silk OF FOAL OFP
NLF Tucker CM Open P-H/J C-P-O indian Other
Nicholane Bajazzo OF H/J
Nicholane Barron OF OFP
Nicholane Betty Boop OF QH
Nicholane Fred OF Exotic
Nicholane Golden Girl OF Fine-O G
Nicholane Goldwish OF P-O
Nicholane Santa's Elf OF UK Pony
Nicholane Saratoga Pride OF H/J-O NS
Nicholane Sunny Night OF OFP
Nicholane Thunder OF UK Pony
Nicholane Troy OF Other Draft
Nicholane Zenabi OF Exotic OFP
Nicholane Zoe OF Other Pure
O'Connor, Kelly
Anastasia Bey CM FOAL Light W
AR Jabberwocky CM FOAL W
AR Penny Lane CM FOAL Pony W
Dig For Fire CM Paint
Dinah CM W
Easter Parade CM USA Gait W
Exit 16W OF Other Stock OFP
Ivan the Terrible CR Arab/part OFC
Jazzy's Sun Ra CM W
Khan-Tiki CM Other Pure W
Lost in America CR FOAL Stock OFC
Measles CM FOAL Sport W
Shane CM W
The Sky's the Limit CM USA Gait W
Oquendo, Nicole
Straight Jacket CM Paint
Page, Kori
Hollybrook Topic OF OFP
LC Boo Radleys Orchestra OF App OFP
LC Copper OF Mix
LC Sparky OF UK Pony
LC Taffy's Mistake OF Exotic
LC Touch of Regal OF Morgan
Mint Jubilea OF Spanish
Touch of Regal OF Morgan
Pajack, Karen
Amankhar CR Arab OFC
Bar-berry OF OFP
Bear Paw CR WB OFC
Blue OF App
Brentina OF OFP
Burt CR Paint OFC
Buster CR Exotic
Chaska OF Mustang OFP
Chester OF ASB OFP
December CR Spanish OFC
Dotty CM W
Fox CR Morgan OFC
Grey Dawn CM Half Arab W
Groovy CM Paint OFC
Iko CR Mustang OFC
Klinger CR Pony OFC
Leonard CR Spanish OFC
Lilly OF OFP
Metalchex CR OFC
Midnight CR Morgan OFC
Roscoe CR Morgan OFC
Ruffian CR TB OFC
Shamal CR Arab OFC
Shiloh CR Draft OFC
Smokey CR QH
Specks CR App OFC
Spitfire CR Mustang OFC
Welcome Matt CR Pony OFC
Whiteface CR Arab OFC
Wyatt CM W
Parciak, Jim
Cody Zuma OF P
Elmer Fudd OF Exotic
Florette CM ASB
Roseta Portez CR Stock
Running Bear CR Stock
Parker, Valerie
Alex OF FOAL Sport
Allanah OF OFP
Colleen OF OFP
Drogo OF FOAL Draft
Ed OF Exotic OFP
Gandalf OF FOAL Draft
Glorfindel OF UK Pony
Midnight Dancer OF Other Draft
Mr Moon OF TB
My Shadow OF FOAL Light
Oberon OF OFP
Prince Valiant OF USA Gait
Raphael OF Other Pure
Saruman OF Half Arab
Sea Star OF FOAL Pony
the Highwayman OF OFP
Vladimir OF Other Pure OFP
Patinka, Jennifer
Fyero CM Spanish
Kahlua N Cream CM W
Seneca Sizzler CM Paint
Pelle, Geralyn
Anniversary Gift OF USA Gait
Achromatux OF WB OFP
Fade to Grey OF Mix OFP
Heart Breaker OF Half Arab
Strange Brew OF Paint OFP
Sweet Brown Sugar CR Morgan OFC
The Muffin Man OF Mix
Phelps, Leslie
Cabana Boy CM Mix W H/J-D-O-P
Ducovetme CM J-X-T-H-D
Hudson's Bay CM Other Pure W
Otter Creek Brendan CM Morgan W
Perpetual Emotion CM ASB W
Sambuca CM Other Pony W
Shez My Cat CM Mix R-G-T-P-O
Soucoup Volante CM FOAL Sport W O-Cr-Ar
Pinkham, Lindy
Albatross OF Paint
Country Gentleman CM W
Dementia CM M-P-C-O
Dexter CM UK Pony H-P-T R/C-P Open
Firecracker CM FOAL Pony W
Gaia CM Part Arab W
Heartbreaker OF OFP
Lightening Strike CM C/P
Moneigh Talks OF Paint OFP
Sandy CM QH W
Veralux CM FOAL Pony W
Zip Code OF App OFP
Provencher, Jenny
Domino Effect CM TB/StB
Foxfill Facination OF Morgan
High Caliber CM App
Leviton CM W
Max's Autumn Sonata CM USA Gait W
PR Prairie Fox CM W
Tardiff's Tinsel CM
Trickster's Tomcat CM UK Draft W
Secret Silver CM App
Supreme's Pure Adrenalin Cm USA Gait W
Ragar, Linda
Chapter Two CM W
Cool Chap CM UK Draft W
CZ Desert Rose CM FOAL Draft
Goodie Two Shoes OF FOAL Stock
Heartbreaker CR Paint OFC
Infinite Justice CM Mix
Kiss in the Dark CR Pony
Maximum Advantage CR Sport OFC
Mrs Goodbaar ? P
Mushashi's Dragon CM Other Stock
Parker CM UK Draft W
Polar Ice CM FOAL Other
Snow Squall CM TB/StB
Spotted Pride CR OFC
Sunshine and Lollipops CM FOAL Draft
Tri Color Money CR App OFC
WBP Break the Bank CR Draft
WBP Golden Starburst CM W
Rappleyea, Elizabeth (EJR)
Akenhurst Absinthe CM UK Pony W
Akivasha CM Other Pure
Aeryn CM Paint NS
Biloxi Blues CM Paint W
Copperhill Tequila CM UK Pony W
Diesel CM UK Draft
Donnerhall CM D
Dresden Blancque CM FOAL Sport
Dubonnet CM Other Draft
Funquest Berrypatch CM Morgan
Heart of Sunrise OF OFP
High Tech Red Neck OF App
High Voltage OF OFP
Invisible Sun OF OFP
Lilacsandlaughter CM X-T-H-P
Masquerade CM UK Pony
Moselle CM M
Partly Cloudy CM WB
Regina Kashmir CM Arab W
Revolver CM Other Pony
Rogue River mist CM FOAL Stock
Scotch on the Rocks CM Paint W T-Re-O NS
Stardust Fadjura CM Arab
String of Pearls CM WB W H-T-P-O
Tanqueray CM Mixed W
Tsunami CM D
Whippoorwill Dropdead Fred CM FOAL Light W
Whipoorwill Incognito CM Morgan W CEP P Arena
WV Gai Nineties CM Mixed
WV Soliloquy CM TB W
Ziggy Stardust CM App W G-T-P
Zoretta CM Other Stock W
Riordan. Mary
Apple Juice OF FOAL Stock OFP
Ari OF Other Draft
Baby Bonnet OF FOAL Sport
Ben Der Dun Dat CM Exotic W
Black Frolic OF UK Draft
Breadwinner OF WB OFP
By the North Star OF Half Arab OFP
Champagne Frost CM Spanish W
Dustbunny CR FOAL Pony OFC
Gracie OF FOAL Light
Hot and Cool at Once CR Draft OFC
I've been Peppered CM W
Jet Setter OF ASB
Lageriffic CR Other Draft OFC
Mighty Mite CM FOAL Other W
Naivasha CR OFC
Scarlet Fever OF FOAL Stock
Sparkler Devil CM FOAL Light
Spiked Punch CR FOAL Stock OFC
Steely Eyes OF USA Gait
Sugar Cube CR FOAL Light
Tie Dye OF FOAL Stock
Tricked Out OF Paint
Roman, Liz
Colin of Lancashire OF Open
Lamb Chop CM G-P
The Bachelor OF G
Russel, Christine
As luck Would Have It CM FOAL Light
Baja Tengo CM Other Sport
Dust For Life CM W
Faster Pussycat CM W
Java Scripture CM Paint W
Jett CM QH W
Leilani CM W
Masquerade CM W
Meisha CM FOAL Light
Trinity OF Other Stock
Winning Colors CM App W
Sadwin, Audra
Prarie Song OF App
Schnieder, Maggie
Eliot CM W
Frappachino CM Other Pure W
Habernero CR Other Pure OFC
Ilian Taqib CM Arab W
Jellybean CM UK Pony W
Khan Tiki CM Other Pure W
Lemonzilla CM Half Arab W
Liliput CM UK Draft W
Mighty Mini Me CR Mix OFC
Nissen CM Other Pony W
Peeps N Pickles CM FOAL Sport
Roly Poly Cannoli CM Other Sport
Rusian CM W
Simply Minkvelous CM Mix
Tocchet CR Other Pure OFC
Willow CM Other Stock W
Sciolto, Skye (SS)
CB Braelyn Remarkable CR Other Sport OFC Arena
CB Brewed Awakening OF FOAL Stock
CB's Catch Twenty Two OF J/X-H-O
CB Clarus Denique CM WB
CB Diurnal Discov'ry OF Paint OFP
CB Draw 2 a Close OF QH OFP
CB Electric Candlelight OF Other Gait P-Other
CB Fairweathre Sailor CR Other Pure OFC T-D-P-O Arena
CB Fly the Spinnaker CM Other Pony G-T-P
CB Hope Springs Eternal CM M-C-PPF
CB Job Well Dun OF QH OFP
CB Kadenza CR FOAL Sport OFC
CB Nevermore Affirmatiw CM FOAL Other W
CB Outta Your League OF App OFP
CB Perchance to Dream OF Other Pony OFP D-T-P-O
CB Penrose Prodrome CM UK Pony W
CB Reisnefaal OF WB Arena
CB Rustic Overtones OF App OFP
CB Starboard Tack OF OFP
CB Steppingstone Pegasus OF Other Draft
CB Three Hundred Joules OF ASB
CBF Time Will Tell OF FOAL Draft OFP
CB Trenton Time and Again CM W
CB Vale Ardentia CM Half Arab
CB Willowby By the Brook CR Other Pure OFC
CB Winderwayve OF TB/StB
CB Windrinkerr Ibn Maryk OF Arab
CB Y B Ordinary OF Indian
CB Zildijan Zero OF OFP
Sheppard, Linda
Abracadabra CR Draft OFC
Aer Lingus CR Sport OFC
Alakazam CM Other Light
Ameen CM Arab W
Badger Pond CM H/J
Bits N Chips CM Other Stock W
Bro Rock Rapid Fire CM USA Gait W
Butter Rum CM Morgan C/P
Cognac Gold CM TB/StB
Cracker Jack CM UK Pony W
Estudianta III CM Other
Farasha CM Arab W
Figaro CM Other Pony W
Fools Gold CM J
Heaven Awaits CM QH W
Knickers CR UK Draft OFC
Lamiis CR Light
Lynx O'Malley CM P-O-J-X-D-H-T
Madiera Del Sol CM Spanish W
Maggie May CR Light
Sabrina CM Other Pony W P-T-H/J-O NS
Soft as Silk CR OFC
Splash Dance CM Paint W
Spotty CM App
Starlight Shandy CM Mix
Summertime Dream CM Morgan W
Sweet Dreams CM Paint W
Vaya Con Dios CM Mix
Wap's Up Doc CM App W
Shura, Ed (ES)
Antonio OF Spanish
Billy OF TB
Black Comet OF OFP
Blue Christmas OF FOAL OFP
Bones OF OFP
Brutus OF UK Draft
Choco-latte CM USA Gait
Dreamcatcher OF OFP
Duke CM UK Draft
Golden Delicious OF OFP
Golden Eye OF OFP
Grnadpa OF Exotic
Harry Morgan CM Morgan
Jackalope OF OFP
Over the Rainbow OF OFP
Showstopper OF OFP
Silvermane OF OFP
Starbuck OF Other Light
Stone Cold OF Paint
Shura, Renata
Bemben OF FOAL Draft/Exotic
Contessa OF QH
Dixieland Brass OF OFP
Free Spirit OF FOAL OFP
Gubernator OF Morgan
Kolorado OF TB
Marcel CR Draft/Exotic
Outlandish OF OFP
Sanzbu OF Arab
Siren OF OFP
Skippy OF FOAL Pony
Squeak OF FOAL Pony
Tarnow OF Other Light
Tentador OF OFP
Thunderbolt OF FOAL Pony OFP
Tinto OF Spanish
Valentino OF Other Stock
Wild Child OF OFP
Simon, Sue
Chicks Dig the Car OF QH
Dragon CM FOAL W
Emily's Secret Obsession OF FOAL Stock
HTC Premiere Aristocrat OF Paint
Miss Super Dolly CM FOAL W
OS Conquiestador OF Other Stock
Skip n' Class OF FOAL Stock
Snyder, Mary Ann
Dashign Resource OF OFP
Foxglove TS OF OFP
Freya fra TS OF FOAL Other OFP
Legends Source OF Other Stock
Marshall's Resource OF Other Pony
Midnight Resource OF Spanish OFP
Picture This OF OFP
Ransom's Resource OF OFP
Resourceful Chip OF OFP
Resourceful Gil OF FOAL Draft
Resourceful Mac OF UK Draft
Resourceful Rick OF P/D cross OFP
Resourceful Rocky OF OFP
Resourceful Sid OF OFP
Resourceful Tug OF OFP
Resourceful Vlad OF Other Draft OFP
Source of Delight OF OFP
Source of Hope OF OFP
Source of Rhythm OF OFP
TS Bounty Run OF FOAL Other OFP
TS Capatian America OF OFP
TS Cat Balou OF App
TS Cloud Dancing OF Other Pure OFP
TS Cody's Star OF FOAL OFP
TS Cowboy Cody OF OFP
TS Jewel Tones OF Paint
TS King Donovan OF OFP
TS Lohengrin OF OFP
TS Moondancer OF OFP
TS Morning Star OF OFP
TS Nightvision OF OFP
TS Puzzle Pieces OF Paint
TS Smokey Vale OF FOAL Draft/Pony
TS Spotted Ricket OF App
TS Sultan's Copy OF FOAL Light
TS Sultan's Magic OF Other Pure OFP
TS Takeachance OF FOAL Pony
TS Troubador OF Arab
Unlimited Resource OF OFP
Wilhelm TS OF FOAL Sport OFP
Soutter, Alexis
Arenoso CM Other Stock W
Ariador CM Spanish W
Escutamente CM Spanish W
Gold N Ali CM Arab W
Hermione CM TB/StB W
Inside the Lines CM W
Liseter Moondance CM UK Pony W
LockStockBarrel CM QH W
Seville CM Spanish
Televised CM UK Pony W
UVM Mirror Image CM Morgan W
Stoddard, Darleen (DS)
DS Aureo CM spanish W O-Cr
Bar None OF Other Sport
DS Cherokee Sundance CM App W P Open G-O-T-P
DS Comanche Moon CM App W
DS Count the Gold OF ASB
DS Crown Jewel OF UK Pony
DS Elite Intimidator OF QH OFP
DS Gonna B Glorious OF App OFP
DS Miss Centerfold CM App W H/J-P-T-O
DS Neon OF Arena
DS Nick of Time OF Half Arab OFP
DS Penny Candy OF FOAL Stock OFP
DS Prince Charming OF G-CEP P/C
DS Providence OF Paint OFP
DS Sir Galahadd CM Arab O-P
DS VictoriaÕs Secret OF P
Delorean OF J-G
El Dora OF Paint OFP
Flash in the Pan OF Other Stock PPF P-O-T-G
KF Theodore CM Sport
Porsche CM Pony
Prince Charming OF S/P
Marzipan CM W
Neon Fanta Sea OF App Open
Oreolo CM Spanish
Ranfanote OF Other Gait
Strieby, Ann
Aaliyah CM FOAL Light
Argyle OF App OFP
Arizona OF Other Stock
Bang for a Buck CM Exotic W
Bella OF Morgan
Blackjack CM UK Draft
Brimfield OF FOAL Other
Buster's Jake CM QH W
Cassandra OF OFP D
Eleanor OF Other Draft
Emergency Purchase CM FOAL Stock
Gingham OF App
Heaven's Temptation CM Other Draft W
Hocus Pocus CM FOAL Light
Jayne OF Other Draft OFP
Jeane OF FOAL Light
Joe Thornton OF P-G-O C/P Open
John Malkovich OF QH
Kashi OF Arab
Launcelot CM FOAL Stock
Midnight in Montgomery OF ASB
Obscure Reference OF Other Stock
Out to Lunch OF TB/StB OFP
Paisley OF FOAL Stock
Point Blank CM UK Draft
Puzzlemaker OF Other Sport OFP
Sally OF Exotic
Second Attempt OF OFP
Shakira OF Arab OFP
Siglavy Cancun CR Light OFC
Spirit Mint OF FOAL Light
Storm Trak OF App
Summer Squash CM Morgan W
Token Little Guy OF QH OFP
Waiting on Joe OF Paint
WW Libbey CM Other Draft
Strohmeyer, Lynda
Dun Up to Impress ? Indian
Ginny CR Pony OFC
Heaven of Fire CM Half Arab W
Luck N Dreams ? Indian
Sheza Classy Chasi CM Open
The Rythem Master CM Open
Suchow, Margaret (MS)
Chaos OF App OFP
Cupid's Arow OF Arab Open
Cyclone CM Arab
Demonic Drivel OF Draft OFP
Double Indemnity OF OFP
Executive Decision OF WB OFP? J-O-P-T
Gemini CM Open
Holly Hocks OF Other Draft OFP
Holly Hocks CM W
In the Mood CM Othe rLight
Justin Passing CM QH
Midnight CM Morgan
Montana Harvest OF App
Mr Boo Jingles CM Other
Pharouah's Treasure OF Paint
Polar Ice Cap OF QH
Sacred Heart OF FOAL Stock
Seattle Slew OF App OFP
SolomonÕs Seal OF Arab OFP
Streak McTavish OF QH
Sundance Guy OF T-G-P
Symbolic Reasoning CM Paint
Tap Shoes OF Morgan
Time Bomb CM Other Stock
Tranis OF Open
Synnot, Adrien (AS)
Baton Rouge OF USA Gait
Frangelica OF Other Light OFP
Grey Skies OF FOAL Light
Nachtmuisk OF WB
Simcha OF Arab
Simply Grand OF USA Gait
Timm, Nancy (NT)
Al-Fayed CM Arab
Altair OF Other Pony
American Gothic OF OFP
AnnaMar CM FOAL Pony W
Aria CM R-T-P
Asterion OF Othe rPony
Azalea CM FOAL Draft/Exotic W
Boris CM Other Stock
Christopher Robin OF OFC O-R-P-G-T
Dressed to Impress OF Paint
Drops of Jupiter OF Creative
Just Jack CR Pony OFC O-T-H-P-D
Jack B Nibble OF Mixed
Matilda CM FOAL Other W
Mavrick OF Mixed
Mistey Eyes OF OFP
My Gift OF OFP
Oscar Wilde CM Other Sport
Popcorn OF Creative
Ragnarok CM Other Pure W
Rare and Racy OF Other Sport
Run Rabbit OF TB
Sebastian CM WB
Something Impressive CM QH W P-H/J-O Open
Starstruck OF UK Pony
Tex OF Paint
Wachuset Miss Parker CM Morgan
WW Bizet CM Other Draft W
WW Owynn CM UK Pony
WW Skara Brae CM UK Pony
Tretter, Shelby
Dirty by Sunset OF Half Arab OFP
Dolly OF Exotic OFP
Firelight OF OFP
First Frost OF OFP
Hickaboom OF Paint OFP Open
Jack Walker OF Open
Jersey Girl OF R/C-T-O-P
Livy OF Other Draft OFP
Mr Holey Sox OF QH
One Smooth Stone OF OFP
Pagoo OF Other Pony OFP
Rosebud OF UK Draft OFP
Snow Daze OF Paint OFP
Tripp, Heather
Archangel CR WB OFC
Aspen Summer Rain OF OFP
Blade Bitten OF Other Draft
BL Conjurer OF Arab
Chambord CM WB W
Digital Ruin OF TWH
Imladris CR WB OFC
Jesse's Zillah OF Exotic
Jordis Farandaway CR Draft
Khan Artist CR App OFC
Nevermora Tsavior CM FOAL Light
Rascal King OF FOAL Stock
Rocksalten Ice CR Other OFC
Santiago CR Other OFC
Stonecroft Harbormist CM W
Ultimate Symphony OF App
Van Gogh Virtigo OF WB
Wyldwinn Sterlingrose CM Other Stock
Winterwein OF WB
Vanelli, Martina
Dry Eyes OF OFP
Ester OF OFP
Hudson Bey OF P
Hunter Follow OF Other Sport H-P
Lyric CR OFC
Major Expense CR OFC
Mavrick OF Other Light
Misty Eyes OF OFP
Monte OF G
Wager, Jen
Ezekiel OF FOAL Other
Fountain Cream OF FOAL Sport
Smooth Talker OF USA Gait
Walbrodt, Cassie
Borrowed Soemthing Blue OF P-H/J-O
Cadillac Kid OF P-O
Chief Plaudit OF Open
Five Alarm Chili OF O-G
Leopold OF NS
Mozourt's Magic Flute OF OFP
Noble Intentions OF NS
Nobody's Secretary OF H/J-O NS
Schezerade OF Open
Tesoro OF NS
Ward, John (JW)
Cut Above OF QH
Luminaria OF QH
One Hundred Ten Percent OF UK Draft
Psycho OF QH
WardÕs Turmoil OF Mustang
Ward, Susan (SW)
Bell Canto OF Arab
BessieÕs Beautiful Dream OF QH OFP
Brayve Choice OF Other Pure
East Golden Thunder OF UK Draft
Hejira OF Arab
Hez Got Spots OF Other pony
Jiffy Pop OF FOAL Sport
LoganÕs Little Sheba OF Other Pure
LoganÕs Morning Light OF App
Moonraker OF Arab
My Honey OF FOAL P/D
Spumanti OF FOAL Stock
Steel curtain CM App
WalterÕs Black OF TB
WardÕs Spirits Afire OF FOAL Other
Wisell, Howard
Absolute Capt Mandarin CR OFC
A Day Without Rain CR OFC
All For Love CR Light OFC
All Loved Up CR FOAL Sport OFC
A Love Sign CR Other Stock OFC
A Love Song CR FOAL Light OFC
Ashes of Roses CM W
Ashes to Ashes CR USA Gait OFC
Bandalero CM FOAL Pony W
Big Yellow CR OFC
Birtha CM UK Draft W
Blueberry Buckle CM FOAL Light W
Butch CR FOAL Stock OFC
Cadance CR Spanish OFC
Cafˇ Lalley CM FOAL Sport W
Can't See Squat CR FOAL Pony OFC
Chin Music CR Exotic OFC
Distant Drums CR Other Stock OFC
Flavor of the Day CR Morgan OFC
Gil Favor CR Stock
Handsome Devil CR FOAL Stock OFC
Hello Brianne CR TB/Stb OFC
Impressive Mint CM QH
Just too Butch CM FOAL Stock
Keeper of the Flame OF OFP
Laugh Out Loud CR OFC
Liar's Poker OF FOAL Stock
Like a Rock OF OFP
Little Love Affair CR FOAL Light OFC
Lone CR UK Pony OFC
Lotsa Little Spots CR OFC
Lotsa Wampum CR OFC
Lovette CR UK Pony OFC
Love Vision CR Other Pony OFC
Maureen Mulrooney CR Draft/Exotic OFC
No Regrets CR OFC
Poco Almond Deena CR QH OFC
Poeme CR Pony OFC
Raising a Puppy CR FOAL Stock OFC
Red Roman CM FOAL Stock
Say That You Love Me OF FOAL OFP
Secret Garden OF OFC
Shadowcaster's Cajun Aquarian CM FOAL Light W
Shari's Jubilee CM TB W
Sharpen Winn CR USA Gait OFC
Spike CR Stock OFC
Sweet Potato Pie OF FOAL OFP
The Good Son CR FOAL Stock OFC
The Spot CR Sport OFC
The Tao of Physics CR FOAL Light
Thomas CM FOAL Draft W
Three Princes OF OFP
Toy Story CM FOAL Draft W
Trevor Brasile CM Spanish W
Truly Madly Deeply CM Paint W
Turn the Page CM WB W
Vanity Fair CM FOAL Light W
Venetta CM FOAL Stock W
Willowy CR OFC
Zilla CR FOAL Light OFC
Wood, Lauren
Bressai OF Draft
Brutal Elegance OF D
Camelot Warrior OF WB J-O
Cosmic Moon Power OF R/C-O
Elvis CM T-H/J-O-P
Fahr Tam OF H-P
FMF Kelagry CM Other Light
Four Jets Miss Twist OF P
Freefoot OF Morgan
Gjinnir OF D
Mach 5 Diva OF Open
Show me the Blue OF T
Sky's a Difference OF J-O
Starz Dancing CM Other Light
Touch of Destiny OF Morgan H-
Who Dun It OF G-R/C-O
Zips Copper Cola OF QH T-P