FM Kirby Center...Wilkes-Barre PA

Friday morning I got up early and went and picked up my pictures from the Morristown and Poughkeepsie shows, then I was off to NJ to carpool with Dave to wonderful Wilkes-Barre PA.  We found the theater easily and parked the car, then went to see if we couldn't find the hotel where we were supposed to be staying.  As it turned out, the hotel was right across the street from the back of the venue.  We found some of the people we were looking for (or rather, they found us as they were leaning out the balcony of their rooms.  When you travel with David Rossi, people just find you.)  So, we wnet upstairs and there I met Fred, Matt, Trivial Todd, Tanaquil (Chrissy), Beth, and Heather (and I'm sure I met a few other people who I've forgotten.)

Dave and I went and got some Chinese for dinner before the show, and then discovered that finding our way back to the venue wasn't quite as easy as it seemed.  Fortunately, we were not busted for breaking the Wilkes-Barre PA "No Cruising" rule, and we did get to the venue in plenty of time for the show.

Our seats were really good, and the crowd was really enthusiastic.  It was fun to watch some of the midwestern fans with their various props...Christmas lights, light sabers, etc.  Al came up our aisle for One More Minute and Heather's friend got the first scarf.  Steve kept coming up to the edge of the stage to interact with the front row, and spent a lot of time playing to the folks in his corner (mostly the Midwest crowd!)  At the very end of the show, the entire band, instead of walking offstage separately as they usually do, stood together and too a bow..and then turned their backs to the audience so that Mongo could snap their picture.

After the show, it seemed like EVERYONE hung out by the busses, talking and taking pictures.  Al eventually came out to sign stuff and say a quick hi, and Steve took a group over to the Ramada to get copies of his CD.  Sue, Lynn, Dave and I went back to our hotel room to talk and be goofy until something like 2 in the morning.

I ended up taking A LOT of pictures at this one.  I really don't remember taking all these, but here they are...

Gump  Polka, etc  Dare to be Stupid  Pentiums   One More Minute/Like a Surgeon  The Medley, part 1  

The Medley, part 2   Nirvana/Bedrock   Saga   Yoda, part 1   Yoda, part 2

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