Center for the Performing Arts...Sewell NJ

I'm not sure WHY I thought it would be a good idea to try and drive all the way to south Jersey after working in White Plains all day...and hitting the Tappan Zee Bridge right at rush hour and all, but I found I just could not say no when Adrian offered to score tickets.  And score he did, cause we had row A.

I did manage to weasel out of work a little early, and made really good time to Sewell, or Deptford, or Washington Township, or wherever exactly the show was being held.  I was in town by 8pm, and figured I"d get to the venue in time for the polka.  I was wrong.  For one thing, the directions I got from MapQuest were a viscious lie.  For another, the people in town didn't seem to be terribly sure where the center for the performing arts was..and it was an awful remote little town.  Finally, I found out it was actually at the High School...and then finally I found someone to give me directions to the High School (as opposed to just happily saying "Oh  yeah!  That's over at the High School!") I found the place at 8:45, parked my car, ran across the parking lot with my ticket in hand, grabbed the door...and SLAMMED into the locked glass door.  Somehow the people inside missed my rather noisy arrival, and I had to bang on the door waving my ticket for a very long minute before someone opened the door.  Then I had to convince someone to show me where the door for the actual theater was, since they yelled at me when I went for what seemed to be the logical choice.  Once I got inside, they film clip for "Germs" was showing and the place was pitch black.  I stumbled over to one of the usherettes and then convince them that they needed to lead me to my seat seeing as how 1) it was very dark and 2) they were the ones with the flashlights.

Anyway, I got escorted to my seat and Dave, Adrian and Anne waved HI! and I sat down and got my camera out.  We were pretty far off to the Jim/Jon side of the stage.  It was a pretty nice HS auditorium...the stage was HUGE, and the crowd was good and responsive.  I was pretty agitated when I first arrived, but I quickly settled in and sang along.  It was an excellent show, the band was in fine form.  I was in a neat spot to get some interesting pictures of Jon, so I did.

IMPORTANT THING I LEARNED AT THIS SHOW: If you have a camera with a big lens and you're afraid you may get busted, just sit near Adrian, because they will nail him for his camera and completely ignore you.  I don't know why this is true, but it is.

Afterwards, we went outside to see if the band would come out, but they had a very long trip, so they left pretty quickly.  Adrian, Ann and Dave had carpooled down together, and I ended up driving Dave to Rutgers so he could pick up his car so Adrian and Ann could go right home.  Unfortuantely we sat in traffic on the NJ Turnpike for quite a while, so we didn't get home until about 2 am.  Yeah, I had to work the next day.  Suck to be me, but whatcha gonna do?

Not a lot of pictures...I arrived late, and my angle was weird.

Medley and before    After

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