Woodstock Fair--Woodstock CT


Late Show

Ann, Rob, Nancy and Jen left at the end of the first show, though they seemed to have had a good time. Skye, Steve and I quickly reclaimed our spots on the grass, and everyoen who crowded up toward the front tried to cram in around us. Some girl attempted to sit ON my lap, and when I asked he to get up she seemed amazed that she wasn't on the ground. PUHLEASE.

Finaly everyone got settled in, and the second show started about 30-45 minutes later then it had been scheduled to go (amazing turn around time, I thought!) I was down to 3 rolls of film, and managed to misload one during WBUL, and THEN rewound it back too far, so suddenly I was down to TWO--consequently I got VERY conservative on photos so there's only one page from this show.

Pentiums was dropped from the second set, and about 3 songs in I noticed that Jon wasn't on the drums--Pete "Zuie" Gallagher was filling in (and he did a good job of it) Jon had been sicka few nights earlier so I hoped this wasn't a relapse.

Al came back down into the audience for WBUL and he stopped by me AGAIN (!!) to give me the "Your eyes are even bluer then the water in my toilet" line--this time I did sing along. Skye and Steve were pretty amazed (OK, I was too!)

Saga did get added back in for the second show (yay!)

It was a little past midnight by the end of the second set, and given the distance to the next venue, the fair setting, and the sick band member, I figured there was not a good chance of meeting anyone post show, so we got a photo near the bus for the Region X yearbook and wandered home.


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