FM Kirby Center--Wilkes Barre, PA


Once again, I woke up with enough time to get film developed from Woodstock and then I was on the road back to Fabulous Nutley NJ to catch a ride with the Rossi Express to Wilkes Barre PA. Allie was up again, and Dave invited me over for a swim before hand again, but it was kinda drizzly when I got there. I did hop in the pool briefly, since it was obvious there was not to be any more swimming this summer.

We had forgotten just how far away Wilkes-Barre PA was, so there was minor debate over driving ditues. I promised Dave I'd help him stay awake on the way home since I had to work the next day. The ride out didn't seem as painfully long as there was a lot of foolishness in the car between me, Allie and Brittany. We managed to find dinner at the lone pizza joint that was open (hello, it was 7 pm on a Saturday people!) and discovered there was a tattoo convention in town as well. We also found Adrian and Ann and our seats. A guy named Serge came over to say hello--I SWEAR I met this guy last tour but he didn't remember me (must be that Clark Kent eyeglass disguise again...)

The opening act was a comedian who made a LOT of local jokes. The locals seemed to enjoy him. Who knew you could have a niche in Wilkes-Barre humor? The show itself got off to a good start, but then Al dropped the Taurus verse in "Horoscope" Whoops. Then his voice did painful sounding stuff during "Complicated Song" To the point where I wish he would STOP and go get some tea or something. We quickly turned and speculated about what might get dropped that night, but as it turned out, nothign was left out. Though Al lost another verse during "Beverly Hillbillies" For the record, Jon was back on drums this night.

Polka/Dog Eat Dog


Wanna B Ur Luvr

Trash Day/Medley

Nirvana/Amsih Paradise/Fat


After the show, Dave, Britt, and Allie had passes so I was going to hang out with Adrian and Ann by the bus. Allie promised she'd take Beowulf back stage so he could meet Al (We even got Beowulf his own Hawaiian shirt...Beowulf thanks you Allie!) We were being entertained by a couple of fans singing their own parodies when Dave called Adrian on his cell to let us know that Al was feeling sick enough to be back on the bus already...a sad end of the tour for us (though we're hopefull there will be a spring leg. We'll see.) but I do hope that he has time to recuperate.

Loooooooong ride home. I stayed up for all but about 20 minutes of it. Looooooong day at work the next day too....


Back to Woodstock, late