Mann Music Center--Philadelphia, PA


I zipped out of work about as early as I could and headed south to NJ AGAIN to catch a ride with Dave and Britt to the City of Brotherly Love. It was pretty much just us this time, as Allie had gone back to WV and Adrian and Ann couldn't make it. I pretty much zonked out most of the ride there.

The venue had a fairly hard core camera policy, but I decided to try and bring mine in anyway. And this is just about the ONLY place where they did not ask me to open my bag...though EVERYONE else I saw did get searched. So--I don't know if I had a security guy who was asleep at the switch, or I had some sort of upsurge in Feminine Charms or perhaps I really am blessed by the Camera Faries or WHAT.

We thought we had 3rd row seats,...but as it turned out, we had the thrid row behind the orchestra pit. The 8 or so rows in the pit were seperated from the rest of the venue by a thick wall. I guess this was to keep those in the pit safe in case of rioting. The stage was also much bigger than is typical--and it seemed to me that the light was diffused over a big enough area that I was unable to take good photos at spots where I am used to being able only a dozen or so from this show!

The high point of the show was during WBUL when Al started walking on that wall between the pit and the rest of us peons! Dave, Britt and I all kinda grinned at each other--and as Al walked past us, he looked us over, did a double take and rolled his eyes like he was scared. Hilarious! I could not resist the photo op, so that is how I got the extreme closeups on WBUL.

First half

Second half

Afterwards we tried waiting by the bus again, but Skip came out and told us that Suzanne and Nina had flown in during the show and everyone was headed into New York for the night. I pretty much conked out on the way home too...though I had the sense to crash at Dave's overnight this time. I got up EARLY the next morning and headed home cause the next day I was heading out to Lexington KY for my annual Breyerfest voyage...but that is another story....

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