Continuing Education

This information is presented to all showers. No matter what your level or experience, there is ALWAYS room to learn more. Keeping yourself educated is the only way to improve as a shower or a judge. Being knowledgeable will help you understand your placings, or be able to explain why you pin a class the way you do. It will help you pick out better show prospects, and think of new performance ideas. In the model horse hobby, we are not limited to a single breed or a single discipline, so don't allow yourself to stagnate.

This section of the website is the one that I anticipate much growth and change from. I am hoping to have information and articles from several hobby experts, and to have information for all levels. Please check back here frequently for updates.

For now, here are some links to real horse organization rulebooks:

USA Equestrian (formerly the AHSA)


Appaloosa Horse Club

American Driving Society

Site run by hobbyists with educational information:

Stock Horse Base

The latest on the AQHA Color rules: AQHA and Double Dilute

Equine Studies Institute

Equine Breeds Browser