Stuart is a Black Horse Ranch "Companion" Percheronwith very minor resculpting (added feathers and some added detail to hismane.)  He was created in the month or so between my graduating fromvet school and actually starting a job.  I know he was done by Breyerfestin 1997 because I dragged him to KY with me in hopes of showing him off,but he ended up never leaving his box the entire week.

Stuart is an early experiment in basecoats and withsabino markings.  He is named after the character of Stu Redman fromStephen King's epic novel The Stand which happens to be my favoritebook and I was rereading it when Stuart was being created.  In the book,Stu is a regular schlub who, in the face of an extreme crisis, turns outto be a very strong and human person.  You'll have to read it yourselfto see what I mean.  So, while Stuart is a pretty typical name for aClydesdale, the source isn't what most people assume it to be.

Career Highlights

1998-New England Spring Expo-Champion CM British Draft,Champion Amateur-Owner Breed, Champion Amateur-Owner Workmanship

1999-New England Model Horse Club Live Reserve ChampionCM Drafter and Honors in Workmanship