Mexicali Rose

This mare is probably my favorite.

She is a literal straight from the box OF Breyer "Cheyenne." My mom bought her from QVC and gave her to me out of the blue one day. Leslie talked me into taking her to a show in late 1994, just becauseshe was such a pretty model.  Leslie and I cooked up her name on theway down to the show.  Being a Spanish mustang, we figured that sheneeded a somewhat Spanish name.  Neither of us spoke Spanish, and afterseveral hours of driving in Leslie's small car (in a blinding snowstorm,if I remember correctly...) we thought it would be very very funny if wenamed the horse after a Mexican restaurant.  After throwing out TacoBelle and Chi-Chi, we settled on "Mexicali Rose," which was the name of anIthaca Mexican restaurant (they have since shortened the name to just "TheRose".)  I have since learned that Mexicali Rose is also the name ofan old swing song, but I've never heard it.

Rose won her halter class that day, earning herselfone of my very first North American National entry tickets.  I was ecstatic. I had a horse qualified for the very first NAN!  And I was planningon going!

Thus began a show career that has run 5 years and isstill going strong....

Career Highlights

1995-North American Top Ten OF Plastic Mustang and NationalChampion OF Plastic Mustang

1996-New England Spring Expo-OF Western PerformanceChampion and OF Overall Performance Champion

      New England Model Horse Club Live-OFWestern Performance Reserve Champion

1997-North American National Top Tens: OF Gymkhana,OF Showmanship/Other Costume, and OF Stockwork

      North American National ChampionOF Gymkhana and OF Showmanship/Other Costume

1998-Nutmeg Classic-OF Western Performance Champion,OF Overall Performance Champion, OF Overall          Grand Champion

1999-CT QH Association Live-OF High Point PerformanceAward (shared with Semi-Charmed)

      New England Spring Expo-OF WesternReserve Champion

      Nutmeg Classic-OF Western PerformanceTop Five