Miracle Max

While at Breyerfest '99, I came across Kathy Bogucki'sroom and spent some time admiring her and her dad's resin casts.  Kathyhad sculpted a marvelous sporthorse gelding named Showman the year before. I had fallen in love with Showman right at first sight, and had a copyoff at Laurie Jensen's being turned into an appaloosa sport horse (and he'llhave his own page next spring, I hope!)  Kathy had a box full of rejectedShowman bodies and invited me pick through them.  I found an almostflawless cast (save for some bizarre coloring in the resin.) and had myselfa Showman body to play with.

Max is a portrait of a stallion named Rainbeau, andhe's my first real pinto.  He is named after a character in the book/movie"The Princess Bride."  Of all my models, if I could make one a realhorse, Max would be it.  He's exactly my type...a tall, dark bay,Anglo-warmblood fellow with lovely brown eyes and a sweet disposition.

Career Highlights