The Lone Gunman

I snapped up a copy of Kathy Moody's Infinity almostas soon as it was released, but that was toward the end of my job from hell,so the resin spent a good year or so packed in a box, awaiting rediscoveryand inspiration.

I agonized about colors for 8 or 9 months.  Thesubject of chestnut sabino kept recurring.  Originally planned as anextreme sabino, I was so pleased with the chestnut color I chickened outon adding more white.  He's very close to the late steeplechaser WarmSpell.  

As an X-Phile, I really wanted to name a horse afterthe show, but there is already a resin named Fox Mulder and there are severalhorses in my region named Mulder.  So, despite the David Duchovney fixation,I felt I had to pick a different aspect of the show.  Hence, The LoneGunman.  Although Kate Cabot put her own, um, unique spin on it bymisreading his tag at his debut.  She wanted to know exactly what Iwas doing with a horse named "The Love Gunman."

And, for short, he's Gunner.  Although, of thethree Lone Gunmen, I suppose he's more Byers than Langley or Frohike.

Career Highlights

1999-Nutmeg Classic CM English Performance Top Fiveand CM Overall Performance Top Five.