I think it was in 1997 when Carlee Balling was showingthis little sculpture of a warmblood filly she'd done.  She asked everyonefor their thoughts on the piece.  I told her right off that if thingwas ever cast I needed one.  Well, eventually, Carlee did cast the foalas "Gesche," and it was an immensely successful resin (the entire Top Tenin the CM Sport Foal class was won by Gesches at the 1999 NAN!) and I wasfortunate enough to be offered a rare unpainted piece (the entire run, save5 copies were painted by Carlee or Tom Bainbridge otherwise.)

I picked her up in June 1998, and I knew I wanted herto be a sandy bay with funky white like a dressage horse I had seen namedExakt.  Of course, by the time I was ready to actually paint my filly,I could not locate a picture of the blue-eyed, belly spotted gelding anywhere. So I settled on a nice sandy bay, which everyone else thinks is a reallyyummy buckskin.

I am very happy with how this foal came out.  Shedoesn't beat Carlee or Tom paint jobs, but she certainly holds her own!!

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