Roswell's Man In Black

During my Brief Foray in Equine Practice,I occasionally had to deal with a group of show Saddlebreds.  Now, Idon't want a billion emails praising the breed, but in my experience, thisparticular group of horses was one foul-tempered and psychotic bunch. Attempting to do any work on them usually involved a twitch and a chainshank and you still had to worry about those long front feet with the 2 poundsteel training shoes.  By the way, Saddlebreds can cow-kick with theirfront legs.

They did have very spiffy names though, generally alongthe lines of "Someone's Something Or Another," and I figured that Roswell'sMan In Black would fit the general pattern and be a great name for a bigblack ASB someday.  However, I got the nifty black Foxtrotterfirst.

Lesli Kathman helped me out with this horse by lendingme her Missouri Foxtrotter Celebration program featuring photographs ofFoxtrotters doing stuff other than the typical gaited class.

Career Highlights

1999 New England Spring Expo-OF Driving Reserve Champion,OF Versatility Champion and OF Overall Performance Reserve GrandChampion.

      Nutmeg Classic-OF Other PerformanceChampion, OF Other Performance Top 5, OF Western Performance Top 5, OF OverallPerformance Top 5, OF OVerall Performance Champion, OF Reserve GrandChampion.