And With The Arrival of Breyerfest 2001, CEFOMAC Proudly Presents the Latest in its Musical Repertiore:

Sung to the tune of "Jaded" by Aerosmith

New Lyrics by Jackie





Mint g-g-graded

In Decorator style

A sweet Breyerfest find for me

Bank raided

And I just blew it all on a

Saddlebred by Chris


She's eyein my new po-ony

She said "Trade it?"


Oh that fighter's blue!

My OF Holy Grail

But my resin's new!

She says she'll trade it

Now what the hell'm I gonna do?


Hey, trade it?

If I get this resin home will

he always be a horse I love

or hate im?

I'll take another look at that Breyer hide

I'm thinkin of

Feel myself fallin in love

So I traded


Canterberry Blu

My first artist resin

Man that horse was cool

But I traded

Now I wish I thought it through


The deal got so complicated

She wanted more than one horse

We dickered and made it

Both us sated

Thought it fated

Oh I traded!


I'm j-j-jaded

Next week on Ebay please

I hear biddin' is hot on him

My chance of winning back is slim

I gave my horse up on a whim!


Canterberry Blu!

I've been thinkin bout you

Man that horse was cool!

The paintjob was faux

On that fighter's blue!

I went and traded (traded)

Traded (traded)

Yeah, I traded

And now I think I just got screwed