To be sung to the tune of "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies.  New lyrics by Jackie Arns.

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Its just one week until Breyerfest!

Seventy-two hours of shopping without rest

Five days before the Nationals!

The country's best at Heritage Halls

Three days and we get in the van

To the interstate, drive fast as we can!

Yesterday it occurred to me

I need another job to keep up with the hobby

Holiday Inn North, the place 'course

To seek your dream horse

Be it OF or customize

Stand in the heat on sore feet

It's been hours and you're just beat

Waitin' for a stealth

Run whose value rises before your eyes

Hey are those Hagens all up for sale?

Cause I just can't fail

To snap up that bay Comella

I have some Harts, d'ya wanna swap?

Let's deal, I can't stop

Well, let me see what I could sell ya...

Hey you think that make

Might be a fake?

Or should I take an ATM break?

Financially I should be on my best behavior

Hey you gonna show? Cause we should go

The traffic flow is gonna grow

And we need some coffee

Love that French Vanilla flavor

We're always searching for a bargain basement Breyer nag

The neatest find, the best deal, we all brag

I'd just be lost without my Hobby Horse News mag

I just need a portrait of the pacer Laag

I have a tendency to spend outrageously

I have a history of losing my shirt


Its just one week til the Showcase starts!

Watch talent raise a craft to a higher art!

Five days before NAN begins!

Collecting the "heads" to mark off the wins.

Three days before we start the fun

Cross country trip, our destination Lexington

Yesterday it occurred to me

I'm spendin way too much cash on this goofy hobby


Once you start buyin' there's just no stoppin'

Wallet opens up and your net's just droppin'

Lone Wolf Star's got North Lights on

A Stone Special Run?

Wish Cascade would come to this one

Need that resin, I'm getting frantic

Would you take a check?

Gotta rare chestnut Jambo Saucy!

Like Laurie Jensen, wish I did apps

Roomies takin naps

The auction had this really cool glossy

Didja hit the show, so how'd it go

You get a blue? Or quite a few?

The ribbons are impressive and the plaques are so cool

Oh come on, its just one more room

That horse has gotta be BOOM! Mink's saddlebred

Really makes ya wanna drool


Where's Rio Rondo, I want a saddle, I need tack stuff

They're not here, oh man, well, that's just rough

So, where I can find the meetin for the PA crowd?

I love this hobby, it just makes me so proud

I have a tendency to collect so mindlessly

I have a history of buying each one


Its just one week until Breyerfest

We wait all damn year for this crazy madness

Five days and NAN's underway

I hope I packed all I need for show day

Three days and we're travelin'

On the open road, and oh we gotta run

Yesterday it occurred to me

I need another job to keep up with this hobby

I'm spendin way too much cash on this silly hobby

Why don't I meet ya in the Holiday Inn lobby?

Collection could be complete with that one little cobby...


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