A list by Jackie.

All of these things have actually happened. Names were removed to protect guilty parties, BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  If you recognize yourself here, tear yourself away from that copy of Hobby Horse News and check yourself into your local chapter of Model Horse Anonymous.  If the 12 step program doesn't work, you may at least come out of a meeting with a good swap.


1. You will open up and empty canned food in order to create props for a show.

2. There is at least part of a pound of Martin Carbone in the fridge.

3. You see real horses and remark upon how much they remind you of certain models.

4. Real horse people get disturbed by what you want close up photos of on their horses.

5. Why on Earth anyone would want to tie flies is beyond you, yet you have no problem with the idea of wrestling the end of a tiny throatlatch into a weeny keeper.

6. You talk enough about the hobby and your models at work that your co-workers know their names...and are interested in how well they're showing.

7. You know more about horse colors in general than the average equine veterinarian.

8. You have at least one truly bizzare crossbred (Icelandic/hackney/criollo/NSH for example...) in your herd.

9. The word "Breyer" does not immediately conjure thoughts of ice cream.

10. The "china patterns" in your house include doeskin and rose gray.

11. You would consider paying $500 for a blue horse the steal of the century.

12. You examine everyday objects (coffee stirrers, golf tees, etc.) in terms of how you could use said object in a really cool performance set up.

13. You must make a pilgrimage to Lexington, KY every year near the end of July.

13a. You do not see a single live horse on the trip.

14. You can get more into your live show vehicle than the laws of physics actually allow.

15. You save bubblewrap.

16. The UPS man knows you by name.

17. At least once, you have been surprised by other people while you were laying on the ground taking photos of model horses.

17a. While you were in college.

18. You consider a real horse show a research opportunity.

19. You can understand the following: FS: blk pt PAS, mint, #40 LP, SR CAFam, NIB, HR MOW, and NL ID.