OK, so here's the tale...

Mark Bolger is a super guy.

He used to let me call and just talk on a very regular basis.  He had a call in and vote on the music type show he called The Record Crusher (cause the loser in the votes got "crushed") and I was a regular listener/caller to the program.  Mark (I always called him Bolge...) also played A LOT of novelty/parody records on his show.  I heard a lot of Polka Party! from Mark long before I ever actually bought a copy of my own.

Mark always gave away a prize on the Record Crusher.  The official title of the prize was "The Big Budget Prize" so named because the prize was usually sent in by another listener.  Mark would always beg people to send in stuff for the Big Budget Prize each night.  Stuff that typically got given away included things like erasers, old name tags, menus from roadside restaurants.  Dumb stuff, really.

One night, apparently someone cleaned out some closet at K104 because Mark had an autographed picture of Weird Al Yankovic to give away.  I remember thinking to myself "I MUST HAVE THAT."  I never groveled for the Big Budget Prize (although I did get it once or twice for being irritating.)  I got through very early on the Crusher that night and poured my heart out:

"Bolge!  I need that picture!  I love Weird Al, he's the coolest!"

"Oh yeah?" he said.  "You're a big Weird Al fan, huh?"

"Yeah, I have all his records."  (At that time there were 3)

"I pity your folks.  Well, I don't like to give away the prize this early in the show...we need to build suspense some more.  Call back and I'll give it to you."


So I hung up, waited about 10 minutes (the Crusher was only half an hour long) and then began to call back. And got busy signal after busy signal.  I was getting panicky.  It was almost time to crush the record and I was gonna miss out.  I was sure Bolge would give up on me.

Finally the phone rang.  Mark recognized my voice and gave me my picture!

It had a place of honor on my bedroom door and my locker at school for some time.  Now its tacked onto the bulletin board at my desk.  Right next to David Duchovney.