Waterloo Village...Stanhope NJ

A Journey to the Fabled Tent In The Middle Of Nowhere.  I wasn't originally going to this show, but that's kind of a long and complicated story, so I'm skipping it.  I ended up getting my ticket a week after they went on sale, and I managed to scam the front row, though I was kinda sitting behind Jon for the show.  I went with Dave and some of his friends--James, John and Beth.  Security to this show was pretty tight...we were searched for cameras before being allowed in (mine went back to the car.  We did smuggle Dave's in, but he didn't use it.)  They did let Dave bring his supply of Swedish fish in, but cautioned him not to let anyone see the contraband.

So.  No pictures from this show.  Sorry.

I was pretty stoked about having the front row.  I got to sit in between 2 very large speakers to the far left of the stage.  I think my hair actually blew back during the dinosaur roars in "Jurassic Park."  It was a 100% full show this time, "Like A Surgeon" and all!  Al was really good about getting to the far edges of the stage, since it was very large, and during Germs he looked right at me and sang me a line!  I think it was just "I got em all over me..." but hey!  Then he went and hung all over the security guard near me.  The opening guy (whose name I forgot) was pretty good...and he even did some good song parodies.

Afterwards, I met back up with Dave and his friends.  Adrian and Ann were also there at that point.  Dave's friends decided to leave, and the rest of us wandered around a bit to see if we could find the bus.  We got chased away from the right side of the tent.  Then we got chased away from the left side of the tent.  Then we pretty much got chased out of Waterloo Village by security guards waving torches and pitchforks.  Well, OK, not really, but we ended up just outside the entrance shooting the breeze.  Denise came out to hang with us too.  Dave found 17 cents in the dirt.  We kept seeing people who had passes come out, including some kids with accordions (Al signed the cases for them.)  One of the kids could do a pretty good rendition of "My Bologna."  Adrian had some concert pictures so we looked at those until we saw one of the buses leave.  The band had an 8 or 9 hour drive ahead of them, so I'm guessing they got right out on the road.  Dave and I left shortly after that, and we saw the bus pulled off to the side of the road just outside of the village.  I hope they hadn't gotten lost already...  Dave had some rare Al stuff on CD that we listened too on the way to and back.  I hadn't heard most of the tracks before, so it was quite a treat to hear them.  Thanks Dave!

CAR RELATED MISHAP FOR THE TRIP: Thankfully, there wasn't one.  I don't really hate my car, but it has been making me very very irritated lately.

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