Hampton Beach NH...Hampton Beach Casino

OK, now, timing wise this may not have been the best move I ever made...see, my brother got married on July 8th and the rehersal dinner was the 7th in New Windsor NY.  So, of course, it made perfect sense for me to take a 3 hour drive to New Hampshire the day before...  Well, I was meeting back up with Tonya and Tery from MA (IRC buddies who came out for the Hartford show) and that would be some entertaining hanging out time if nothing else.

Yes, as you can see, I added Danny's signature to my collection.  I meant to bring my RWS CD and have him sign that, but I forgot it in the car.

We did dinner in Andover MA beforehand (and it was served on time.  Whew.)  We then drove up to New Hampshire, stopping to ride an eggbeater kind of thing.  The major charm of this ride was that it was enclosed (so it was dark) and they played the theme from "2001" during it.  You had to be there.

We found a place to park and then wandered over to the venue.  I spotted Dave and Christina.  They were talking to this guy who had his back to us.  As I called out to Dave and Christina, the guy turned around and turned out to be Bermuda.  So we all chatted a bit, and I finally got to meet up with Carol and Marilyn who I meant to meet in Hartford, but somehow missed.  Eventually, we all wandered off to find our seats.

The venue turned out to be kinda set up like a comedy club, but much larger.  Instead of a row of seats, we had tables and chairs, which was kind of nice (finally, a place to set the camera down!)  We were sort of in the middle on the right hand side.  I didn't take a lot of pictures though, I was more intent on enjoying the show.  Hey, it had been about 2 months since I'd seen it last!!

The show was great as always, though Like A Surgeon was dropped for some unknown reason.  Afterwards, we went to wait in the parking lot.  Security kept trying to shoo us away, but we kinda lied and said we were waiting for friends inside with passes.  Eventually we met back up with Dave, Christina, Carol, and Marilyn again.  Al came out to sign stuff, and I caught up with Danny Brant to get his signature.  Finally, around midnight or so, we went to leave...I had to be up early in the morning so I could get my hair done.  I can't believe I actually just TYPED that.

CAR RELATED MISHAP FOR THE TRIP: As I was following Tery and Tonya back to 495 so I could get home, we saw a police officer pull someone over in our lane.  Obediantly, all the traffic behind the guy who got pulled over temporarily got into the left hand lane to give them some room.  After I passed them, I looked into my rearview mirror to see flashing lights.  I pulled over and the policeman asked to see my licence and registration and then wanted to know if I'd been drinking.  I told him no, and he let me go without even looking at my registration (which is good because I STILL can't find it.)  Of course, by then, Tery and Tonya were long gone, so I made this cop take me out to 495.  The rest of the trip was uneventful.  Thankfully.

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