Foxwoods Casino--Ledyard CT


Why this show is cool:

It was the first spring show I had on the east coast, and it was the day before my birthday. Skye and Steve were able to go (I hadn't seen Skye in 6 months beforehand) and my best friend Elsa decided to go (under mild arm twisting). Plus the usual suspects would be going--Dave, Allie, Christina, Adrian, Anne, and Melissa from the Forum.

Why this show is bittersweet:

It took place a week or so after Al's parents passed away. I almost hoped he'd cancel, but I guess getting into work was a good coping strategy.

Allie was crashing at my place for this show, so Friday after work, I hopped a train to New York city and then negotiated the subway to Penn Station so well, people asked me for directions. Allie's train was a little late, and we spent a fair amount of time apparently following each other in circles before finally meeting up. Then it was back to the subway and train to White Plains and into the Cruiser to head to CT. We got to my home around 10, had dinner and went to bed. Elsa arrived early the next morning and took a nap (she worked the night before) while Allie and I ran some errands. Then we were back in eh Cruiser and headed to Foxwoods!

Once at Foxwoods, we parked, picked up tickets and wandered over to the big Indian we were supposed to meet under. No one was there yet, so we retired to a nearby bar for a drink (exellent and cheap margaritas at Foxwoods, if anyone is interested) Eventually we wandered back and found Dave, Christina and Melissa. Adrian and Anne showed up a short time later.

We then waited on line for the buffet for a year. Holy cow. Skye and Steve showed up just as we hit the top of the line, and somehow we were unable to get the concept across that we were all one group. Melissa threatened physical violence at one point. Eventually we just sat ourselves at a table and had dinner and horsed around. Much fun. At one point-I think Elsa is responsible for this--a waitress came over with a piece of cake with a candle in it and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me. That was very cool :)