"Weird Al" Links

As I have said elsewhere on this little web site o'mine, you can't run a web page without 'em.  Enjoy!

The Official WAY page  (just in case you missed the nifty banner on the previous page and all...) which happens to be run by Al's drummer, Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz.  Up to the last minute info on concerts, general Al news, etc from Those Who Know.

Al-aholics Anonymous offers a concert tracker (which was how I tracked down the website for the venue where I caught my Very First Al Show) and also features a trivia game called You Don't Know Al.  I suck at YDKA.  I just do.

Yankovic! is the place to go when you can't recall all the lyrics to "Trigger Happy" and your dog ate the CD.  

Looking for the perfect gift?  Check out Spatula City for all your spatula needs....

Download your own copy of Al's somewhat true biography at Authorized Al Online.

If you're on efnet on IRC and want to drop in on #weird-al, here's some people you might see there.

Get yourself ordained at the Church of Yankovia.

Al's bassist Stephen Jay has his own site and a solo albums..very cool, so check it out!

And while you're at it, declare your devotion to Danny Brant, Jim West's temporary replacement!  YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!

For a non official listing of Al-links, check out Bandhunt.  You can also look up pages for all your other favorite musical type people.

Fan Pages:

Dave Rossi's page is called We've Got It All on UHF  Buy stock in U62, concert pictures and reviews.  See his tattoos of Al and the band (mad props to his tattoo artist!)

Fred (who's female) goes to a lot more shows than I think I'll ever manage.  You can't miss her van...and check out the pictures she takes at the Cult of Al.

Bad Hare Day This is Diva's page and features a section called "Yankheads" where you can see fellow fans (and know who you're supposed to meet up with at that next show...)

BethG's page also includes quilting stuff...

Sue PSU keeps her pictures here...

Other Demented Music Sites:

Find out if Dr. Demento can be heard in an area near you with this site.

All the latest news from The Great Luke Ski at his very own Gnome Page.

Don't get Dr. D in your town (I don't)?  Listen on line with WinAmp or Real Audio here!


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