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OK, so I finally broke down, tracked down some software and here ya go, I now have my own little hole in the wall on the World Wide Web.  Am I cool, or what?

The goal here will mostly be to hook you up with information and neat stuff that I find interesting.  Hopefully, I'll keep everything up to date.  We'll see.  From this starting point, you'll find my favorite web sites plus info on all kinds of stuff ranging from veterinary humor, model horses, music, well, all kinds of stuff that I like and that you apparently have enough time on your hands to want to check out.

The Late Great Fizzgig ponders...

Summer 2004 is here...well, nearly! The Cruiser is heading to 100,000 miles...Kiko has worked out well, aside from being a prima donna, and Al's on the road again for a few more shows!


The Poodle Hat Tour! YAY!

The NAMHSA Region 10 Homepage

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